Hugh Jackman & His Detroit Darlings

Hugh Jackman had an entourage yesterday on the Detroit set of his new movie Real Steel: His wife Deborra Lee Furness and their kids Oscar, 10, and Ava, 5 (July 9). The handsome actor and his family were spotted heading back to their downtown hotel after a full day of filming.

Big birthday wishes go out to Hugh’s adorable daughter Ava, who turns 5 today!

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Photo credit: GEVA LEGA/GSI Media

  • ivy2

    she looks more like his mom than his wife

  • Sadie

    Wow, snarky comment. I date younger men too. Call me a cougar but it works out fine. Good for Hugh’s wife. She landed quite a a catch when they married 14 years ago. Not every man wants some young thing who could be his daughter. They sure always look happy to me.

    • ivy2

      snarky? who says that? anyway, it’s just an observation. im not saying there’s anything wrong with her actual age (which i dont know), im saying she LOOKS like she could be his mom. the way she dresses and takes care of herself, she seems like an old lady. plenty of men date older women who care about their appearance and look just as nice as a 20 year old.

  • Anonymous

    hugh looks happy doesn’t mean she is the one who makes him happy
    I just wish she could wear something colorful. it is like she hasn’t worn anything but black for ages

  • Chelsi

    I agree anonymous. If you do an internet search for pictures of her you’ll see she wears black 100% of the time I actually think it’s the exact same 1 or 2 outfits.
    Maybe she thinks she’s fat and the black will make her look slimmer. But it just makes her look dull and frumpy.
    She needs to get a make-over, maybe get her hair done and some fashion advice, then she would look halfway decent.

    • Dylan

      haha… women always try to bring down other women. Why should she get a make -over ? So that YOU would like her ? WHO CARES ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK ? Who cares about YOUR approval ?
      Hugh is the one who’s married to her, has kids with her, LOVES HER.
      It’s unbelievable how shallow most women are, rating someone just by their looks or age.
      Good for her having a younger guy, pat her on the back or high five her.
      You’re just another jealous little woman really.

  • Anna

    It’s great that they have been together so long and their children always look happy! Hugh is hot, can’t wait for his next film!

    Personally I’m not much into fashion either, but have to say his wife wears the same outfit every time we see her. It is a bit strange.

    • Anonymous

      You know I totally understand the comments on her looks.. unfortunately us women tend to be extra hard on other women (as we are on ourselves) and i think it’s a byproduct of the society we live in. We are so used to celebrity women (and non celebrities- ahem reality stars..) who are groomed within an inch of their lives that we balk at a woman who looks casual and no frills.
      I am tired of the rampant narcissism of these idiots and seeing someone like his wife is AWESOME. She probably would be more beautiful done up, wouldn’t we all. Priorities are different with everyone and looking ‘done’ all the time is not one of hers from what we can see. So what. The more I read about them the more I like them; I was genuinely touched at Hugh’s story of how they choose their kids to join their family. I feel they are one of the rare people who do their own thing and live an authentic life and we never saw them pimping their kids out for photos like other celebrities.
      I’ll bet she is a kind, decent human being and that is so rare in that industry (not sure what she does but she is married to him and in LA, so..)
      Anyway, I also have 2 friends who have worked on the set of a movie he was in and they said he was one of the nicest most normal actors around. And of course, talented- usually men with his talent act like jerks but he had zero attitude. I don;t give a damn when i see negative comments about most people on here but I think this couple is just lovely inside AND out :))

  • Tara

    Maybe she wears black because she likes it and feels comfortable? Hugh obviously loves her, he practically adores her and she is out with her kids and needs to feel comfortable. Why should she dress for bunch of people who are looking at paparazzi photos? She doesn´t care. Good for her.

  • Anonymous

    They live in New York. Obviously no one else here has ever been there, or they’d know that that’s how people there dress – mostly black and other dark colors.

    • sonja

      Really, everyone in new york wears dark colors? I’ve never heard that. Why would new york be different from any other place in the country?

      • Anonymous

        Yes, really. People in different parts of the country have different styles. It’s not that complicated. People in the northeast in general dress more conservatively. As someone who’s lived in New York and LA, I can tell you that people in those two cities do not dress the same way at all. Nor do they dress the same way as people in Alabama or Miami or any other place you can think of. (And of course not literally *everyone* – god, haven’t you ever heard of hyperbole? You need to get out a little more.) And some of it is practical – New York is a dirty place, and when you have to walk or take the subway or taxis a lot, light clothes are much more likely to get dirty (I’m not joking – this is a real concern).

        • sonja

          you sound like a moron. do you really think new york is dirtier than other cities? and you think people take this into consideration when they go clothes shopping, and say ‘oh i live in new york so i better buy black’.
          do you really think that’s why she wears black every day? what about when she’s in other cities/countries? you’re hilarious.
          so what’s the dress code for alabama? only red? how about LA? LOL.

          • Anonymous

            You can argue about the reasons why and it doesn’t really matter. I didn’t say anything about a “dress code.” The fact is, for whatever reasons, styles are different in different places, and it is a simple fact that in general, people in the northeast dress more conservatively and in darker colors than they do in other places. If you still disagree with that, all it tells me is that you’ve never spent any significant amount of time there, and therefore are someone whose opinion I give any weight. And since I obviously have to spell it out for you, no, it does not mean every single person dresses like that every single second of every single day. It’s a generalization. But it’s also a perfectly valid explanation for why a particular person tends to dress in black a lot.

            (Not to mention, of course that people have their own personal styles, and some people prefer black, despite the fact that a bunch of harpy trolls on the internet think they should be allowed to dictate what a total stranger should be wearing.)

          • Mary Alice

            First, chill out. No one is arguing. This is called a discussion. Second, I will agree with you on one thing. That is that people do dress differently based on where they live; however, I do NOT agree that the colors they wear have anything to do with where they live.

            You say, “If you still disagree with that, all it tells me is that you’ve never spent any significant amount of time there, and therefore are someone whose opinion I give any weight.” I can tell I have spent a LOT of time in the north east, actually more than half of my life. And half of my family still lives there and we are not known to wear dark colors. I come from a VERY large family. While I do not know everyone in the north east, I do know a lot of people and can also say that they wear dark colors no more than people do in the midwest where I reside now. Your explanation is very easy to read, but not understand because it makes no sense.

          • BABS

            The dress code for Alabama is WALMART.

            Air kisses,


          • Mary Alice

            Best thing I read all day!!! Thanks for making Illinois laugh!!

          • Babs

            Thank you, dollface. Babs is always best after her 3rd Gimlet

    • Helene

      This is one of the funniest things I have read in a very long time. People in New York do not mostly dress in dark/black colors. To generalize like that makes no sense. And I have been there before, numerous times. Do you watch television and see the shows filmed in NY where people are NOT wearing dark colors. Do you watch the Real Housewives of New York for example? That is one show, where they almost NEVER wear dark colors. I read your below comment that the city is dirty and that is why people wear dark colors. The city of Chicago is also dirty and so is LA and that is not why people in both of those cities wear black.

      • Anonymous

        You and that idiot sonja can believe whatever you want. And again, I’ll say you really need to go out more if you don’t understand the concept of hyperbole.

        • Helene

          I get out plenty and I do know, that you make no sense! Also, Sonja is not an idiot, just because she does not agree with you.

      • TRINITY


  • Allejandra

    She probably wears black because she thinks she’s overweight and that wearing black makes her look thinner. My closet is full of black pants, shorts and capris. But I read recently that black only slims you by 6%. I don’t know if I agree with that but I’ll take anything.

  • Shell

    I wear a lot of black. It’s easy and convenient. Almost everything in my closet goes together. Maybe she thinks the same

  • David Siegel

    Everything about Adam Shapiro mentioned in the email below is true. I was there

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