Mel Gibson Being Investigated For Domestic Violence

Los Angeles police released a statement Thursday announcing they had launched a domestic violence investigation against actor Mel Gibson, who we last reported admitted to hitting his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva on a shocking audio tape that was leaked to the press.

Oksana, who has an 8-month-old daughter Lucia, with Mel, filed a complaint against him last Monday, July 5. Oksana also filed a restraining order against the actor on June 25. Mel’s friends deny that he ever hit her, instead telling People that he was trying to stop Oksana from shaking Lucia like a “ragdoll.”

Others close to Mel say this allegation is not a surprise; porn star Violet Kowal who claims to have slept with Mel eight times while Oksana was pregnant has told her story to InTouch magazine, and also accusing Mel of threatening her. “His threats scared me so badly,” Violet says, “I left town and went into hiding for almost a month.” Mel’s attorney calls Violet’s story an “absurd fabrication.”

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