The Federline Siblings: Starbucks On Saturday


Kevin Federline and his girlfriend Victoria Prince took out all 4 of Kevin’s kids to a local park in Chatsworth, Calif. on Saturday (July 10). Sean Preston, 4 ½, Jayden James, 3 ½, Kori, 7 ½, and Kaleb, 5 ½ all got along great as they played at the park and enjoyed some frozen caramel Starbucks drinks.

Kori and Kaleb’s mother is Kevin’s ex-girlfriend, actress Shar Jackson while he and ex-wife Britney Spears are parents to Sean and Jayden.

I’m really fortunate to have [Shar and Britney] in my life … and as mothers of my children,” Kevin said. “I love both of them very much. I still do to this day.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. sweetiedarling

    Which one of them has the FAS? Guess!

  2. Anonymous

    What the hell sweetiedarling???? None of those children look like they have FAS!!!!! I am a school social worker and I work with kids with disabilities and none of those children have FAS!!!! It would be REALLY distinguished in the face. The 4 of them are so cute. Stop bashing!!!

  3. Tiffany

    NOt that it’s a big deal, but why can’t they list the kids in order….why do Brits kids come first?…just wondering…

  4. Anonymous

    again, posing to the papz… tipical Kevin’s behavior

  5. Anonymous

    again, posing to the papz… tipical Kevin’s behavior

  6. Anonymous

    What a shame, treated as show dogs by their own father… seeing this must destroy Britney, she tries so hard to protect them and no to expose her children but the first moment Kevin lays his dirty hands on these poor children, he has them smiling and posing for the paparazzi… so sad! you should be ashmed of yourself Kevin!!

  7. melo1983

    Forget all the negative comments. BEAUTIFUL children!!! They look so sweet!!

  8. Anonymous

    Love Sean Preston he is sooo adorable!

  9. Anonymous

    awwweee Jayden looks a little Like Brit, such a cutie! And Sean is just adorable!!

  10. Anonymous

    OMG!! preston is soo fat! he used to be cute )X

  11. Anonymous

    Kori? Sahr’s daughtre is it….looks so pretty.

  12. Anonymous

    Awwww Preston is soo a beautiful boy! I prefer him with this hair.
    And he’s not fat!
    Kori and kaleb are so cute too!

  13. littlegem

    Starbucks Fraps for kids??? Don’t these imbeciles know they’re laden with sugar and high fructose syrup?

  14. Anonymous

    Umm yeah @sweetdieling..I can guess cause (In Sesame Street voice) one of these kids is doing his own thing ALWAYS!! But the interesting thing is that I find it ironic that poster have edthe nerve to say she tries to protect them but they’re always upset and crying and full of anxiety when they’re with Brit smdh..But Kevin has the sense to control the paparrazzi environment to let them have pics and the kids are always smiling…He seems like a great dad!!

  15. Anonymous

    @littlegem..They’re @ a park to burn it off!! The same as a bowl of sugary cereal on a Saturday morning!! so what?!

  16. Lilly

    so adorable, looks like fun!

  17. Anonymous

    To Anonymous who posted @ 4:37 who said Preston is fat – what picture are you looking at? I don’t see one fat kid here. Why not try getting your eyes checked?

  18. Anonymous

    Why is Britney always pictured as a bad mom and Kevin as a good dad while he sets up these fake photoshoots with his own children? Like if it wasnt enough using Britney to promote himself now he uses his innocent boys… isnt some judge seeing this? Kevin should be prohibited to go out alone with them!

  19. Anonymous

    By the way, Preston is not fat at all and he is some handsome little boy, the cutest celebrity child I would say 🙂
    and beautiful Jayden has NOT FAS, why do you all keep judging when you dont know a thing? when Britney was pregnant with him she and Kevin were STILL together and married, she did not drink or went out parting! ugh, get a life!!

  20. Peta

    Sean Preston is NOT fat. Have we gotten so obsessed with being thin that a healthy-looking child is now being called fat? Dang, people.

    And if he was rail thin, people would be hollering for CPS to step in because his folks are obviously starving him. *smh* As for Jayden, he has his Mama’s wide-set eyes. That’s all.

  21. Anonymous

    can we talk about what they are drinking? and at what age? I guess at least they are at a park to burn off all those calories they are drinking. As parents they can have bad eating habits but don’t let your kids have them too

  22. Anonymous

    OK @ Anon 12:53..We know it’s you Britney…Calm down, you aren’t that great of a parent and it’s got it honest..I find it funny that you would deny the kids are not anxiety ridden when they’re with you because of the paparrazi when you have them but Kevin has the sense to control the environment in which ur kids are exploited? Oh yeah, how great of a parent are you if you’re dad is still parenting you.!!? LOL!! @ Anon 3:40 It is widely known that Jamie Spears is an alcoholic and he’s still raising Britney soooo that means Britney is FAS as well!! Duh!! ( As you pointed out same wide set eyes)

    • Anonymous

      Man, I got to laugh SO hard with your silly comment lol “Kevin controls the paparazzi” LMAO
      Let me get you to the real thing babe… who the heck is Kevin? does he have ANY paparazzi following him during the day? nah… you probably didnt know, but mister great dad HIRES the paparazzi and allow them to take pics of his kids and make them pose and smile. He can’t even fake he’s a good dad right though, cause cameras have zoom and they didnt have to step in their faces lol thats proved, he does that and now here it comes the difference: Kevin hires one or two paparazzi and have all the circus on – the kids will be busy playing so they wont mind – he’s not all of a bumd you know… now Britney really is somebody and has about 30 paparazzi around her 24/7 screaming her name and flashing in these poor kids faces – there are videos to prove that – of course they would get scared.
      Second of all, you dont know a thing about Britney’s life or her families so just dont say anything stupid, seriously. The conservatorship has NOTHING to do with her pareting, it was to get a restraining order and keep Sam away from her, in other words, Jamie was being a good dad and saving her 🙂 now about FAS, hum, a child can only get it from the mother, you know lol and by the way, Jayde’s eyes shape are ALL Kevins. if you dont like Britney, just keep to your self, why wasting your time on the internet juding someone you dont even know? 🙂 my advice to you: GET A LIFE

    • Anonymous

      Hmm yea, I’m Britney and guess what?! I have my babies with me whenever I want and legally 80% of the time!!! By judging someone you just think you know a thing about, but you don’t is a bad parent, I could assume the same thing about your own mama then… cause apparently you haven’t got any education 🙂 well, most people here actually!!


  23. Anonymous

    I used to feel sooo sorry for Brit’s kids when they were with her during her breakdown. But thnkk her lucky stars she married a stable person who had the good sense to get out of that circus (no pun intended) and create a stable life for his boys!! (I know Shar is somewhere LHAO! anyway, God Bless him because those kids are blessed to have him…He put his *coughcareercough* on hold for his sons!!

  24. Anonymous

    Kevin = shame to society

  25. Anonymous

    Preston and Jayden are sooo beautiful, just like their mama 🙂 too bad Kevin uses and expose them like this though. But thank God Britney has 50% custody now and they are with her 80% of the time, sorry to disappoint you haters but God is fair!!!

  26. Anonymous

    Jayden is soooo blonde, Preston’s hair is getting lighter too, that’s super cute! They are the CUTEST boys ever!!! Love ’em!

    On the other hand I cannot believe this guys is the primare care for these kids… Britney should do something about all this exploitention

  27. diannos

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    Is this possible?

  28. Anonymous

    Jayden is my favorite! Sean is gorgeous too.

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