Tori Spelling’s Playdate Pals

While her husband Dean McDermott is at home recuperating from his recent dirt bike accident, Tori Spelling took her kids Liam, 3, and Stella, 2, to a friend’s house for a playdate in Los Angeles, California yesterday (July 9).

Tori is a regular on Twitter, and now little Liam is on the social networking site as well. The reality star mom has started a new account (@liamsworld) to record her son’s funny sayings. The latest: “Oh no mama. We’ve got a problem… My butt is farting again”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Kaz

    Liam stella looking ok

  • Anonymous

    such a fame whore…really? you created a twitter account for your son? He’s a cute kid but please spare him from becoming like you when he becomes an adult. I don’t know any other celebs who put their kids on the limelight as much as these two homewrecking whores! I think someone should remind them what a sleaze they are on what they’ve done and shut their twitter accounts like Leann rimes

  • new tori fan

    How cute this family is. Not real fans of guncles, who by the way dress like slobs, not gays. The children & Tori are the cutest.

  • Anonymous

    What is with these kids not being potty trained! First Violet now Liam, come on!!!!!!

  • Courtney

    some kids don’t get potty trained till they start school others are by the time their 18 months old. Tori growing up the way she did had no choice but to be an entitled fame whore her parents didn’t raise her or her brother correctly. unfortunately Liam & Stella are going to grow up the same way their mom did.

    unlike Peter & Henry Elkind for instance who sure grew up at the feet of legends as their maternal grandparents were Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward but like their mother Melissa they were raised with values and morals infact in the guest house on their grandparents 13 Acre Westport Conneticuit Estate where their mohter and her siblings were raised and like her parents before her Melissa doesn’t parade her kids around to have their picture taken though they both have Myspace and facebook accounts

    • Anonymous

      What on earth are you talking about? This post has nothing to do with Paul Newman or Joanne Woodward. Also, I thought you promised you were going to learn how to use punctuation? What happened to that?

  • Anonymous

    well I, for one, think Liam is hilarious. I said it in a comment a couple weeks ago. The darndest things come out of his mouth! 😉

  • Anonymous

    What kind of a parent would have a twitter account for a 3 year old. This woman is truly pathetic! Fame whore!

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