David Duchovny & His California Kyd

Californication star David Duchovny spent some one-on-one with his 8-year-old son Kyd Miller in Malibu, Calif. on Sunday (July 11). Mama Téa Leoni and big sister Madelaine West, 11, were not spotted with the father-son duo.

Following his 2008 stint in rehab for sex addiction and his reunion with his wife of 13 years, David said that he’s sure to count his blessings.

I’m filled with humility and gratitude. Before, I was focused on winning and deserving. I would say, ‘Oh, I deserve that.’ That’s not grateful. Grateful is, ‘Wow. I’m lucky. That’s fantastic.'”

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  • Alone time with his son..

    Why isn’t his career over like Tiger Woods.. after all he was a sex addict
    and married ..too..David went to rehab just like Tiger but people don’t
    believe that sex addiction is real..Maybe that is why his wife is not with
    IT …IT WASN’T that bad at all.. Same thing..both announced that they
    had a addiction both went to rehab.. so why not have David end his
    career just like people want Tiger too..

  • Anonymous

    Duchovny entered rehab quietly, without the public’s knowledge, before the news of his addiction ever hit the press. When he found out that some creep at the rehab center had sold the story to the National Enquirer, he decided to issue his own statement to beat the Enquirer to the punch. Otherwise, the whole thing would have remained private between him and his family. Rumors are that his problem was online porn, not adultery. Tiger only went to rehab to try to salvage his public image after the facts of his adultery hit the press.

  • Anonymous

    How many women did David have an affair with? None have come forward, and David quietly did his stint in rehab and **is reconciled with his wife**. Tiger had umpteen affairs, disgustingly lewd texts messages from him hit the press, and Tiger and his wife split after a violent encounter. I actually think the press had no business exploiting the personal issues of either of these men, what you do on your own time shouldn’t affect your career if you can still do your job well imo. But if we do want to look at what we know, David and Tiger don’t compare. Sex addiction doesn’t mean someone has strayed from the marriage, and as far as we know David never did (a friend of mine ordered her husband to sex rehab when he didn’t want more kids because having a baby would cut into frequency of sex with his wife – people do go for a wide range of reasons). I think ultimately that is the biggest difference, here. We don’t actually know what caused David to enter rehab, but by all appearances he’s genuinely sought and achieved healing and his family has remained intact.

  • Anonymous

    He must have terrific lawyers. He did go into rehab but for different reasons. All he does is lie to save his “nice family” image, and keeps his divorce low key for the same reason. There has not been any reconciliation. Just a bunch of pics they take for pr reaons. He should definitely stop lying.

  • ld

    David and Téa have been spotted everywhere certainly acting like a couple both when paps are around and even more when they’re not, but you know better? They take family vacations, canoodle at restaurants, and walk down a New York alley with their arms around one another just so someone *might* twitter it? Both parties speak lovingly about each other, other celebs have noted what a great couple they still are, but yet a random blog reader knows what’s *really* going on? So … share with the rest of us what you know and how, Anonymous. Otherwise it sounds like you have some sort of psychosis and are just part of the crowd CBS is particularly good at drawing.

  • Anonymous

    Is there a special bat signal that brings out all the snoggers and their rant of Tea and David are already divorced? Also, the comment about going to rehab for sex addiction – why would you willingly admit to that when being on drugs or drinking is practically a requirement in Hollywood? Personally, I think admitting it and living with that stigma is pretty brave. I have no idea about the true nature of their marriage but they BOTH look like loving, caring and very attentive parents.

  • DJ

    Nobody has memory, good mother Tea,yes, and before, beer cigar and billy bob!! For god!!!
    We do not believe the lie of his marriage, it does us snoggers??? I am not, this marriage, it is not true.
    Sexual addiction, and Leoni?, addiction billy bob and to his boots???
    To clean image, erases billy pure pr.

    • ld

      ummm, there was like one photo of tea and billy bob at a cast party for a movie they did together. Billy bob is also in a relationship. get a grip! it must suck for the people that know you when you can make up such stories.

  • Alejandra

    with dissatisfaction with Billy Bob …
    and how nice it is David …

  • Anonymous

    So,anyone who’s ever had a beer or a cigarette can’t be a good mother? Cause that would be millions of women, including Gillian Anderson, whom you snoggers seem to think is the perfect match for DD. Time for a reality check!

  • Trina

    Somebody appears to be off their meds. I respect that not everyone is a native speaker but the issue with this DJ person has nothing to do with their questionable command of the language. This person has been spreading some odd notions for years, saying pictures of David and Tea were photoshopped. That David has secret meetings with Gillian Anderson. Just because snoggers live in a world of delusion does not make any of their assertions true but there is not one bit of evidence that DD and GA are anything other than marginal friends that see each other maybe once a year with their respective significant others. Hopefully, someday they will move onto another fantasy – I hear that the Twilight crowd always welcomes new members. At least there the romanance between the leads is REAL.

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