Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady’s California Cutie

Model mom Gisele Bündchen, husband Tom Brady and their adorable 7-month-old son Benjamin looked like one big happy family as they left a doctor’s office in Santa Monica, Calif. on Monday (July 12).

The 29-year-old Brazilian beauty recently said that baby Benjamin was potty trained at six months! She said that he’s on a schedule that includes breastfeeding in the morning and afternoon, promptly followed by a poop, making it easy for her to put him on the toilet and eliminate the use of a diaper. “Give it about five minutes, and bang,” the model mom admitted with a laugh.

Tom is also dad to son Jack, who turns 3 next month, with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan.

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  1. lj with 2

    i’ve read some skeptical comments on the topic of giselle potty training her baby at 6 months. our first was a month shy of two and still in diapers (cloth) when our second was born… so i thought it was absurd when, just days after birth, my mother (who was visiting to help me) started putting the newborn on the potty seat to poop after breastfeeding. sure enough baby pooped, and in her three years has had very few poops in the diaper. she was fully potty-trained (pee) at around 1 year old and has been in kids underwear since/ at about the same time her big brother completed his toilet training (poo & pee) at 3. though it seemed convenient from the start (less diapers to clean) it was inconvenient in that we had to set aside time to sit her directly on the potty/ and we had to find a toilet wherever we were if she had to go! infant elimination communication is a foreign idea to us north americans, but it is done all over the world — where disposables diapers/consistent water supply/detergent are luxuries. i thought my mom was crazy, but she was right and kudos to ms. bundchen for braving it this way.

  2. lj with 2

    ah, i see some people only classify a child as potty-trained once they can clean themselves. in that case, second child is not “potty-trained” yet, but she is fully capable of getting on to the potty/pooping/peeing on her own — we do have to clean her up though.

  3. Rings

    I thought that baby walk already. Just kidding.

  4. Anonymous

    gorgeous baby and parents!

  5. Anonymous

    Wow! They are all so good looking. Gisele seems like a terrific mom! Tom Brady is so handsome!

  6. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t mind these two if they were decent to Bridget Moynahan. I mean Tom was allegedly in tears after Jack was born and had to leave to go back to Boston yet he was making out with Gisele Bundchen in the front of a resturant less than a week after Jack was born then top that off with Gisele stating that she was Jack’s adoptive mother, which I never heard that Bridget put her child up for adoption and Gisele felt like she was Jack’s mom from day one which ironically I believe the first time she saw him was months after he was born.

    • Anonymous

      Uh, maybe you want to look up some facts before posting. None of what you said is true.

      • Anonymous

        Nothing that was posted wasn’t true:
        Preseason warm-up
        By Carol Beggy & Mark Shanahan, Globe Staff | August 30, 2007

        Tom Brady and his globe-trotting girlfriend Gisele Bundchen enjoyed an intimate lunch yesterday at chef Pino Maffeo’s Boston Public at Louis Boston in the Back Bay. The cute couple was very affectionate, sitting close, kissing, and holding hands even as they chowed on the chopped salad and an order of the tuna summer rolls. We’re told the Pats QB, whose last preseason game is tonight, had the panko-crusted sole with soy broth, while his supermodel sweetheart sank her teeth into the wild king salmon. (For dessert, the canoodling couple shared the cheesecake and a sundae.) Brady recently sold his condo on Commonwealth Avenue and is renovating a place on Beacon Street. But considering their proximity to Newbury Street, the pair (pictured exiting Boston Public) may not have headed straight home. Star magazine reports Brady and Bundchen have done plenty of shopping for John Edward Thomas Moynahan, Brady’s week-old baby with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan. According to the mag, the three-time Super Bowl champ ordered $2,000 worth of items from baby boutique Petit Tresor, while Bundchen “dropped a cool $1,000 on a gift basket filled with a cashmere puppy, six different blankets, a cashmere sweater & pants set, a white onesie with the word ‘supermodel’ written in black on the bottom . . . plus a handful of burp clothes and bibs.” Brady was a bit of a wreck while at the hospital with Bridget and the newborn. An eyewitness told the mag that No. 12 was “crying at one point because he didn’t want to leave the baby and he knows it’s going to be a tough decision.”

        Here is another part of an article:
        Pregnant supermodel Gisele Bundchen and a gal pal lunch together at Mexican restaurant Casa Vega on Thursday (June 25) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

        Later in the day, the 28-year-old Brazilian beauty and husband Tom Brady took his son John Edward for a walk through Pacific Palisades, Calif.

        In a recent TV interview with Brazil’s Fantastico, Gisele shared, “I am crazy about children … I am an adoptive mother … I’ve already had this experience for two years.”

        • Anonymous

          So, what does all that mean? Bottomline, he did want to marry Bridget and it has come out since then that she, Bridget, is older than she said, She lied about her age. So I would be not be pointing fingers like she was some victim here. And Gisele saying she loved the kid like he was her own is not a slap. Maybe Bridget should get married, and give John a stepfather.

          • Mara

            Bridget used the oldest trick in the book trying to trap a man with a pregnancy. She was desperate and deliberately got herself pregnant when she realized he was no longer interested in marrying her. Sex is one thing marriage is another. Bridget is the one that should be bashed for bringing an innocent life into the world to further her selfish desperate cause. Giselle is maturing and turning into an amazing woman with a social conscious.

          • Anonymous

            Obviously you and I are not going to agree; with that said, I don’t be grudge Tom for marrying someone else if you love someone you love them, I just don’t care for either one of them especailly Gisele who really needs grow up and be mindful of her words about her step son. Neither his mother nor his father go into really specific details about him, yet his step mother does. It is wonderful that she cares about him and loves him but let she should have just let it be instead of over justifying herself and being rude to Jack’s mother in a sit down interview for a widely circulated magazine. I mean if someone said about your child I know he has a mother and I want them to have a relationship because that’s important but……… I think your feelings would be a little hurt.

          • Kate

            you know what is really annoying: people calling other people out on internet posts. No one is buying your tough guy act.

          • Anonymous

            I know, it’s you.

  7. Anonymous

    Gisele looks great as always. Natural and fresh. I don’t get the poster who said she looks bad, that woman has a great body, great bone structure and looks amazing with no makeup. Good for them, they seem happy.

  8. Anonymous

    love reading body language
    She’s completely content. Has everything she’s ever wanted in her arms. Tom who?
    He’s bewildered. “WTF? I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life having continuous, hot sex with a supermodel. Guess I am naive. Don’t leave without me.”

  9. nicoleC

    Gisele’s lip looks so purple

  10. Mia

    Come on, CBS – she NEVER said he was potty-trained, we’ve had this discussion! You can’t really potty-train a 6-month-old – what she does is to go (partly) diaperless. Educate yourself! It’s about being aware of your child’s body language and body routines and being responsive to it.

    Most indigenous people do that, it’s just quite hard to fully follow through with using no diapers in urban areas. But if you know your child’s body routines, you can at least catch most poops. 🙂

  11. Anonymous

    @ 11:38 PM you are such a stupid person. She is content because she found the love of her life with Tom and now building their own family. That wanted she always. Not only a child, she wanted a family with Tom. Everyone know that they love each other very much

  12. Anonymous

    @11:38PM and for you their body language is normal you stupid person

  13. Hannah.J

    Wow Ben looks alot like big brother Jack in these pictures.

  14. Anonymous

    @ 1:23 AM They both very happy. He look normal at the pics.Tom is only unhappy with his team.

    I know a good doctor for you.

  15. Shirilicious

    What?! Their super kid cannot walk on his own yet but has to be carried? Fail!

  16. Anonymous

    is she treating her son like a dog that you have to walk after you feed them so they can poop?

  17. Anonymous

    I’m sorry that kid is not cute..Tom is a wuss!! he had that baby so he can shut Bridget up about all the crap Giselle talks about HIS/their child. Yeah this is what he alwys wanted!!! LOL!! btw, Jack is To’s twin and I know it irks Giselle

  18. Anonymous

    Giselle looks like a guy

  19. Anonymous

    haha 8 chinned women with excess fat on thier faces and bodies often say that about the multi million dollar face and body. its fine. they cant stop looking at her and she cant stop being paid LMAFO. and Bridget is scum. she bad mouths and has to use Gisele’s name just to get some reaction, yet claims she wants “privacy” OMG gimme a break you d lister of a person! dont talk about gisele (repeatedly) and you will get your privacy, because paps dont even follow you LOL. dont you blind people see the ones who are always talking crap are really the crappy people? (not the one who they talk crap about?) I cant believe you dont know this by now! that is like an all time life rule to live by. people who talk bad about others, are really making themselves look BAD, not the person they are talking bad about. lol its like the oldest rule in the book! and Bridget wont stop! and she doesnt have the ring on her finger! and it 40! the hag is miserable and seems to me has one crappy personality! Gisele has NOT 1 TIME spoken bad about anyone to the media. (not her ex Leo,not Victorias Secret,not Bridget) etc…for me that is grade A class all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she talks about herself,her family,her life,her work,her causes. which is far more understandable to talk about than to keep talking bad about others! but its all good because Im sure Bridgets motive is to get some attention , and the funny thing is, is if it were Gisele….it would have already been on 20 websites and 10 gossip news shows. LMAO. that d lister Bridget is desperate!

  20. teresa

    how lame! no one cares for 40 year old d listers.

  21. Lenah

    Gisele is the higest paid model in the world… D lister? Gisele is beautiful, Tom is handsome and Benjamin is adorable!

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