Sarah McLachlan: It “Took A Good While” To Feel Good Again After Split

It had been seven years since Sarah McLachlan‘s last album had been released, and the Canadian songstress has said that her various family commitments are “the reason it takes so damn long” to write and release an album.

In an interview with the LA Times, McLachlan opened up about the challenges she has faced, including a divorce to longtime husband Ashwin Sood, the death of her beloved mother, parenting her “challenging” 8-year-old India and 3-year-old Taja, and her father’s battle with Parkinson’s.

On the inspiration for her latest album: “It’s terribly pedestrian. There’s nothing special about it. Half the bloody world is going through a divorce, more than that are having children. All of us have parents who are dying, or have died. It’s just the life cycle.”

On starting over again at 40: “I thought, I’m 40, and I’ve got two little kids. It doesn’t matter how successful I am, how famous, how wealthy. I’m 40 and I’ve got two little kids! My friends all shook their heads and said, that’s crazy talk. But I didn’t feel that way. And it took a good while for me to come out from under that and feel good again.”

For the complete interview with Sarah visit the LA Times…

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