Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston Are Engaged!

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston grace the cover of Us with their gorgeous son revealing their plans to get married.

We got engaged two weeks ago,” Bristol says. “It felt right, even though we don’t have the approval of our parents.”

Bristol, 19, and Levi, 20 – who had called off their previous engagement two weeks after welcoming son Tripp in December 2008 – reconnected three months ago while working out a custody plan for their 18-month-old son.

The teen mom says she’s scared of her mother’s reaction. “It is intimidating and scary just to think about what her reaction is going to be,” Bristol says. “Hopefully she will jump on board.”

Sarah Palin has made no secret of her feelings for Levi. He provoked a fury last fall when he claimed that the former vice presidential candidate called her infant son Trig (who has Down syndrome) “retarded.” She fired back, publicly stating that anyone who posed for Playgirl would “say and do anything for even more attention.” Later, during an interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show, she dubbed him “Ricky Hollywood” and called his “aspiring porn” career “heartbreaking.”

So how does mama feel about the engagement? In reaction to the cover story, Sarah and her husband Todd released the following statement to the Today show on Wednesday morning:

Bristol at 19 is now a young adult. We obviously want what’s best for our children. Bristol believes in redemption and forgiveness to a degree most of us struggle to put in practice in our daily lives.”

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  1. Anonymous

    WHAT!?! Watch your back levi I smell a rat.

  2. Anonymous

    The baby is very cute but looks most unlike either parent!!
    I have four children 3 with brown eyes and one with blue, but then I have blue eyes!!! Interesting!


      That baby looks just like Bristol but with blond hair….can’t tell what color her eyes are. Anyway, my best friend has brown hair and brown eyes and so does her husband. There older son has blond hair and blues eyes….which are recessive genes, so I don’t see anyting “interesting” by the fact that Tripp is blond and blue eyed. My guess is his hair will darken as he gets older. My son had the same blond hair and then when he was 5 it started to get darker. Now he’s 13, and it’s almost brown.

    • Anonymous

      if both parents have brown hair and eyes, and they carry the gene for blue eyes and blonde hair, then their child can receive those genes making them have blue eyes and blonde hair.

    • sonja

      there’s a lot more to someone’s looks than color. he looks exactly like bristol.

  3. Shirilicious

    Ui, reading between the lines in the parent’s statement, they seem to be pissed. Not even congratulating them. Well, I can’t blame them if that’s the way they found out about their daughter’s engagement.

  4. anon

    Oh, this is awesome!!!

    With Sarah inevitably planning a presidential candidacy for 2012, this is just one more thing to make this family seem the circus act that it is. Go, Levi!! Down with the Palins!!

  5. Allejandra

    I think they should have a long engagement, like a few years. It will be much easier to break an engagement than a marriage. And if the engagement holds then great.

  6. Anonymous

    Bristol says they are hoping to get married within the next 6 weeks…?! shotgun-wedding anyone??

  7. Anonymous

    Maybe she is pregnant again? Hair face and the rest of her body looks so different!

  8. Danica

    Wow, such vitriol towards them. Although there has been drama, I think it’s fantastic that they have decided to get back together. At least Tripp will now have his family together.

  9. Anonymous

    she looks like 40 on this pic!!!

  10. nosoupforyou

    Wonderful news. I am happy for them.

  11. melo1983

    This is ridiculous, they just HAVE to stay in the public eye

  12. Lioness

    My goodness me, that kid is cute- his eyes are simply to die for!!! They are one good-looking family- but they appear quite dysfunctional. I wish them the best, honestly- and also wish the whole family would just go away, lol. The Palins thrive on promoting division, which is the last thing this country needs right now…

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