Heidi Klum On The Paparazzi: “The Other Moms Always Give Me The Stink Eye”

Hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum, the popular reality series Project Runway is set to hit the small screen on Thursday, July 29. With two Primetime Emmy nominations under their belt – including Outstanding Host for the model mom-of-four – Project Runway kicks off its eighth season with guest judge Selma Blair, 17 contestants and 90 minutes of fabulous fashion mayhem.

During a conference call with Celebrity Baby Scoop, the 37-year-old German beauty gave us a glimpse inside the upcoming season of Project Runway including a “very flamboyant” competitor and a female participant who “doesn’t stop talking.” The model mom also opened up about her kids – Leni, 6, Henry, 4 1/2, Johan, 3 1/2, and Lou, 9 months – and the not-so-comfortable “stink eye” she gets from other moms at the playground when the paparazzi are present.

Do the paparazzi drive you nuts?

HK: “I wouldn’t say they drive me nuts all the time. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. It always depends on the day and where we are and what we’re doing. It definitely is a little bit not-so-convenient when you’re just doing normal things.

I understand the purpose of them when you go to an event and you’re on the red carpet. The press is there to document and show people what you’re doing. But I think that when you’re out with your family…. you’re at the park, and then you get all the stink eye from all the other moms! I just think ‘Really why is this happening? Why are all these people here and taking photos of our children which is really putting us in an inconvenience?!’

The other moms always give me the stink eye, and then I feel bad. So half of the time I will just leave and go somewhere else. You don’t feel too good about those moments when you get stink eye from all the other moms. And the thing is, we don’t understand half of the time what is so interesting about the same photos of us at the park. My children are just like other children too and they love going to the park.”

What do you tell your kids about the paparazzi?

HK: “It’s hard to explain! Thank goodness they haven’t asked that much about it yet. I haven’t been in the situation yet where I have to explain. They look and they see people taking photos, but they don’t really ask too much about it. They’re still little and I hopefully still have a little bit more time to figure out exactly how to explain to them.”

Are your older kids into fashion? Do they have a strong opinion about what they wear?

HK: “Some do and some don’t. Johan doesn’t care so much about what he’s wearing. Henry is definitely very opinionated about what he wears. He changes clothes all the time. He loves costumes and he is very particular, even with his pajamas. They have to be all the way down – if they’re bunched up, he hates that. He’s very, very particular about his clothes.

And Leni loves dresses and being a girlie girl. She hasn’t really gone beyond pink. She actually came to the runway one day and she looked at the fashion show. She wasn’t too impressed because it wasn’t girlie enough. It was too sophisticated, maybe, and there wasn’t enough pink in the clothes so she didn’t love it so much.”

How do you manage your busy career and family?

HK: “Yes I go to work, but I also have my down time. I really enjoy being in the city and we do so many fun things here, like going to the theater. Yesterday we went to Blue Man Group. We went to Marry Poppins, to the ballet, to the water park, to the splish splash park that is outside of Manhattan. We go to the Statue of Liberty. There’s so many fun things that you can do here. If I were working everyday, that would be hard. So I’m fortunate that I can still do lots of fun things with the family. But all those things need to be planned – I’ve just learned to be a good planner, I guess.”

Why has the show expanded to a 90-minute format?

HK: “I think people wanted to see more. We got a lot of letters. People would always say to us, ‘Why did you make this decision? We don’t understand why this person had to go or this person.’ Heidi adds, “For example, today we have an Elimination Day. It’s going to go on four or five hours. On the show it only has 10-15 minutes. So if there is a very special decision day, when the judges might not agree with one another or something really happens, now we have the freedom to show certain things much longer than we ever could before.”

On guest judge Selma Blair.

HK: “She is definitely considered someone who is a beautiful woman, a style icon. She was a great judge. I didn’t know how funny she was. I only know her from movies, but when she was sitting there, she was hilarious.”

Who would be your dream guest judge on Project Runway?

HK: “I’ve said it before, but our First Lady would be amazing to have as a guest judge. That would be my No. 1 dream come true is if Michelle Obama was a guest judge. I think she’s super hip and cool and super fashionable and I think she would be absolutely amazing to have.”

Project Runway premieres on Thursday, July 29 at ET/PT on Lifetime

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  • Anonymous

    I love this family, so down to earth!

  • melo1983

    Aw, I bet it’s embarrassing when all of those other parents think it’s her fault. I’d hate that.

  • Anonymous

    Heidi…. You really think Michelle Obama is ‘fashionable’??? I love your show but I have to call you out on this comment (your integrity and credibility are in jeopardy). Michelle rarely wears clothing that is figure flattering. I have to say that she’s a bit embarrassing as a First Lady, with lack of attention to appropriate clothing (I’m not talking about her arms either) and lack of following any protocol. France could teach her a thing or two (if she’d listen). Now… if you would just come out and say it would up your ratings, that would be believable.

    • Anonymous

      What are you talking about? Michelle Obama is always classy and gorgeous. You’re obviously letting your political views cloud your judgement.

    • Anonymous

      Ha! ^^^^Exactly! I would love to hear how you feel about H Clinton’s and B Bush’s fashion choices….. figure flattering!? BA!. Michelle Obama dresses age appropriate and very much in style.

  • Robyn

    Maybe the stink eye isn’t about the photographers, maybe they got a look at those Hammer pants.

  • Bebe

    It’s hard to believe the oldest son is only 4 and a half. I wonder how tall he is?

  • Shannon

    Go AJ Thouvenot on the new season of Project Runway!!!!! Can’t wait to see the new season with 2 contestants form STL!!!

  • Kiana

    This information is off the hziool!

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