Heidi Klum’s Sunny Smiles

Supermodel mom Heidi Klum was all smiles as she took her four children – Leni, 6, Henry, 4 1/2, Johan, 3 1/2, and Lou, 9 months – along with a bodyguard, the nanny and some family members out for a walk in sunny New York City today (July 16).

Yesterday, the 37-year-old Project Runway host opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the ever-present paparazzi.

I wouldn’t say they drive me nuts all the time. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. It always depends on the day and where we are and what we’re doing. [When we’re at the park] the other moms always give me the stink eye, and then I feel bad. So half of the time I will just leave and go somewhere else. You don’t feel too good about those moments when you get stink eye from all the other moms. And the thing is, we don’t understand half of the time what is so interesting about the same photos of us at the park. My children are just like other children too and they love going to the park.”

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  • melo1983

    Oh my gosh look at Lou!!!

  • Desiree

    Such a beautiful smile!

  • Anonymous

    Lou is beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    it is a little ridiculous how many people they travel with. and between the kids, the help, the strollers, etc. this family can never go out in public without causing a scene.

  • Anonymous

    They do have four small children plus they are both pretty high profile celebrities.
    The all look like a happy family!

  • Thais

    i have 4 kids and i don’t take four nannys everytime i go out! i think it’s exaggerated!

    • Janna66

      Four? You can’t seem to count nannies, so I’m not putting much stock in your ability to count how many children you actually have.

      You do realize there are only four women in these photos and two of them are Heidi and her mother. So where are the four nannies?

      Someone’s exaggerating all right, but it ain’t Heidi! 🙂

  • Jen

    That readers here always have to bring up themselves into play; so annoying…. Noone cares that you also have 4 children, you are a noone!!! Always the same: I also have …., I also do …., and do not need …..
    What do you want? Showing that you know it better than those celebrities? Some recognition that you normally don´t get from your surroundings?
    As soon as some pics of families appear that use to make things a bit different than you all do, because THEY ARE different…hundreds of comments rise from all those “perfect” households that also want their little moment of fame.
    What is so bad about going out together? I´m sorry, but the ony ridiculous thing I see here are the comments.

    • melo1983

      Okay Jen you ridiculously annoying. If you don’t want to read it, DON’T LOOK AT IT! We can put whatever we want on here! I have three kids, they’re all off right now having a sleepover with cousins, and my husband and I are just sitting here…maybe we’ll go off and make a fourth. TMI? Get over it :]

  • Anonymous

    Jen, well said!!! we come here to see pictures of celebrities and their children. We really are not concerned with how many children posters have or how they mange with them!!!

  • Cari

    Golf clap for Jen! I totally agree!

    • Anonymous

      Count me in as one that could care less about commenters and their lifestyle. This blog is about celebrities and their babies. Nobody wants or cares how the rest of you manage because this is not about you, it’s about CELEBRITY. If and when you come one, then the focus will be on you, OK?

  • Anonymous

    Lou is so adorable. Glad to see her smiling!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, Jen, people come here to coo or b*tch over celebrities. No one wants to read about your views on a poster, but to read your views on celebrities. Hey, do you think you’re better than the other posters? Who are you that anyone should care? You’re just some nobody who is so tough on the Internet but is probably a huge loser in real life. I doubt you can have kids because no man would breed with a freak like you or maybe you’re too fat to get out of the house so that’s why you care so much about these celebrites? They’re your only friends. Hey, Jen, this is fun! Attacking nobodies is the most fun ever!!!

    • May

      ….this comment shows sooo much ´toughnes´ by attacking as Anonymous, right? Someone here is obviously projecting some strong complexes (being a loser in real life, freak, too fat, a nobody, hmmm…), otherwise no person would get so angry about a simple comment like Jens.

  • carolyn

    Oh, she’s adorable!

  • Allejandra

    That looks like a sturdy baby. Cute!

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious as to why we never ever seeSeal’s family visiting…Does anyone know his family’s status? Just wondering

  • Sophia

    Lou just gets sweeter and sweeter! I can’t believe how beautiful she is! They’re all gorgeous 🙂

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