Jennifer Garner’s Juggling Act

Alias star Jennifer Garner was all smiles as she arrived at the Los Angeles International airport juggling both of her daughters – Violet, 4, and Seraphina, 18 months – for a departing flight to New York City today (July 16). The 38-year-old supermom had some good laughs at her elder daughter who was pointing and chatting at something.

Earlier this month, spotted Jen and her adorable girls taking in their local 4th of July parade with some friends.

Violet and Seraphina’s father is Jen’s hubby of 5 years, Good Will Hunting star Ben Affleck.

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. Sarah G.

    WHOO-HOO! FINALLY new pics of Violet! And Jen’s taking the girls to New York with her! YAY!!!!! Hopefully that means it won’t be Butter all over again. 🙂

  2. nanpan

    Whoa! How does she hold both girls at once? That’s amazing!

  3. Anonymous

    I love how she’s playing it up for paparazzi, by holding both girls while nannies, handlers, pa and airport staff are left with everything else. Such a fake mom. To worried about looking like a hands on mom all the time!

  4. Anonymous

    I love how she makes sure her babies feel safe and secure no matter where they happen to be. She is a great mom and her children come before any and everything. Anybody who knows her know this for a fact.

    So good to see them as they were not seen for a while. Looking good and happy as usual. Love them.

    • Grace

      I’m confused by your comment. Are you implying that you know her? Because if you don’t then your comment makes no sense.

      It’s impossible to tell whether someone is a wonderful mother from pictures, despite what so many people seem to think.

      • Anonymous

        Grace, to answer your question, you can tell by the way her kids respond to her (kids respond naturally to their parents’ actions) and how she instills comfort in them in the midst of all the madness that accompanies them wherever they go. A picture can be worth a thousand words especially when children are involved.

        I have followed her career for almost 8 yrs, read every article about her and pretty much how she feels about her kids and other members of her family.

  5. Anonymous

    Violet’s feet are HUGE!!!!!

  6. anonymous

    I’m wondering how all the readers who were CONVINCED of a third pregnancy are now going to explain the mysteriously disappearing baby bump.


  7. Jen is a pro at holding both kids

    Sera really looks like her father.. who by the way brought out his trailer
    for his next movie THE TOWN..SO ALL YOU OUT THERE THAT WERE
    wondering what he was doing that is what he was doing the trailer..
    Mixing and doing all the editing …Now he can take time off to be with
    the kids while Jen will be in New York filming ARTHUR WITH HELEN MIRREN
    AND THE REST OF THE CAST… She loves both her girls…Love how Vi and
    Sera play up to the cameras..!!

  8. Allejandra

    What exactly is “everything else?” Normally when we fly, we check in and our luggage is taken and put on the plane…’re weird!!!! She’s not playing it up for the paps. She always focuses totally on her children when the paps are around so they don’t feel insecure with all the strangers around calling their names.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, right our stuff is magically “taken and put on the plane”. No, most of us don’t have a team of minions to carry our bags and pave our way through the crowds …. no, we haul all our gear, kids, strollers, car seats, etc.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, and clearly you’re more than a little bit bitter about the fact that you have to carry your own bags.

        In that case, if it makes you feel better to lash out against famous people who do have help (partly because they are being semi-assaulted by aggressive photographers whenever they go out in public), then go right ahead! You’re not hurting anyone, to post angry comments here…

        • Anonymous

          touchy, touchy, did we hit a nerve? relax, take a pill and get some perspective by reading what the poster said below (6:53)

          “There is nothing wrong with having help, just acting as if you don’t especially when the cameras are rolling. That’s the issue”

          • Anonymous

            Read it and what? Please explain how you can tell she’s acting as if she doesn’t have help. Saying she’s acting like that is completely irrational. There’s no evidence of it at all.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you, Anonymous at 11:25 pm. That’s exactly what I was going to say…

            I was baffled by how hateful so many of the comments in this thread were, but then I realized that it’s the same bitter person posting over and over again.

            Hardly worth the effort to try and rationalize with her.

        • Anonymous

          Assaulted? Really? Please show me phsyical proof that they ASSAULT her. Whatever. Yes snapping some photo’s of her is sooooooo totally ASSAULT. Puhlease. Not. Taking a photo while she walks is hardly being “aggresive”.

  9. Anonymous

    so she has help, who cares? If any other mother had the chance to have someone help them out with their things while you are with your kids I’m sure they’d take it too.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously. And it’s not like she’s any different from any other celebs (or people with money in general). I mean, what is the problem here? It’s not like she said anything about being better than other people or complained about her life, in which case criticism might be warranted. But she did no such thing.

      I am constantly amazed by the reactions people have to this woman. Apparently it’s a bad thing now to pay attention to your children? I guess they’d prefer she neglect them?

  10. Anonymous

    There is nothing wrong with having help, just acting as if you don’t especially when the cameras are rolling. That’s the issue!!

    • Anonymous

      How is she pretending she doesn’t have help? And why do you care?

    • Anonymous

      Huh? How is she acting as if she doesn’t have help?? I think you have to realize that the guys with cameras are not their to take picture of “the help”. They frame shots and crop photos so that the content is the most interesting — i.e. that the picture contains celebrities and their kids, and no one else.

      Jen is probably carrying her daughters because they are her daughters and quite possibly they WANT her to carry them. You are acting as if she gave explicit instructions to her nanny or other helper to walk 50 feet behind them, or that she demanded that the paparazzi edit photos so that it looks like she is alone at the airport with her kids. I’m sorry, but that’s bulls**t.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly. She’s not hiding the fact she has help, one lady is actually her assistant so not really help, but paps focus on anyone else but Jen & the girls. If you read any interviews from her she even says she has help and never tries to hide it.

  11. Audrey

    If I had someone to handle my luggage, especially when my kids were little, I’d have let them. I think she’s lucky and I certainly don’t begrudge her that.

  12. Anonymous

    I bet she didn’t carry them both on the plane like that. She is standing/posing right in front of the person with the camera with the biggest smile on her face. Her PA is help, she is a hired staff member just like nannies.

  13. Anonymous

    I wish all the whiners and cry babies would shut up and stop being so jealous of a celebrity. Why do some of you compare yourself to her or any other celebrity mom when you are not in the same or similar position? (If you were, you would not be making the comments that you’re making). Any celebrity that does not have help in these situations would be acting foolish and it’s far better to be judged for taking extra caution than to allow something preventable to happen to your most precious cargo.

    If she were like you and me she could move thru the airport without notice and not have to worry about the well being of her children because they would not be subjected to this kind of attention. Some of you are carrying on like jealous children who are being deprived of something that other have and you don’t. Jen Garner is probably the most photographed mom in Hollywood and has no need to play act for the photogs. That is probably the most ridicilous thing I have ever heard said about her.

  14. Anonymous

    blah blah blah! stop hating she is beautiful and so are her children. Good job Jen

  15. Anonymous

    Jen made herself that most photographed mom! Her movies aren’t worth anything, she’s simply famous for being a mom. Continuously exploiting her kids out in about everyday, by doing what she is doing shown above. She can take care of kids just like every any other A-list celebrity, which she even isn’t without trying not to be seen. It’s like she has permanent stamp on her face, saying “look at me I can be a hands on mom.” She cares to much what the public thinks.

    • Anonymous

      You are seriously delusional. That’s a nice little fantasy you’ve concocted in your mind, but it doesn’t make it true. The fact that you may not have liked her movies doesn’t change the fact that she’s a highly successful actress (both in TV and movies, actually), and that is why she’s famous, and that’s why she gets chased by the paparazzi. “Doing what she is doing shown above”? What does that even mean? She’s doing exactly what everyone else in the world who has kids does – taking them to the airport, preschool, shopping – except the rest of us aren’t famous so we don’t get photographed doing it.

      I just don’t get it – why does reading about her turn you into such a raving lunatic? Just don’t read the posts if you don’t like her. I don’t even know who half the “celebs” are who get featured here – I just ignore them. How hard is it to do that?

  16. Anonymous

    seriously , I am so sick and tired of ongoing media reports about this woman and her brood. And also about people’s comments about how a great mother she is. Give me a break, will you?!?

    • Anonymous

      If something this minor makes you sick, why do you keep focusing on it. It would make sense to just ignore it. How about applying something like that serenedity prayer that helps those cope with things they cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference. Sounds like you have a personal problem my dear. There will always be things that upset us but how we deal with them is what separates the healthy from the not so healthy.

  17. Anonymous

    Wonderful, happy family! Love them! Some of you sound very jealous. You need to get a life!

  18. Anonymous

    Both girls are gorgeous! so precious.

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