Kerri Walsh Starts Her Olympic Training

Earlier this week, volleyball star Kerri Walsh underwent performance testing with scientists from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute in Anaheim, Calif. The 31 year old mother-of-two is gearing up for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Known as “Six-feet of Sunshine,” Kerri opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about jumping back into elite training just four weeks after the birth of her second son, Sundace. She also talks about juggling 2 under 2, this “tiresome” yet wonderful time, and how they came up with Sundance’s unique name.

CBS: Congratulations on the birth of your second son, Sundance! How is he doing? What kind of a baby is he?

KW: “Thank you very much. Sundance is doing wonderfully. He’s long and lean and has a very happy temperament. He’s very smiley and is just a good baby all around.”

CBS: Tell us about Sundance’s unique name. Where does it come from? Does he have any nicknames or are you calling him Sundance?

KW: “My husband grew up with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and it was a very big part of his life, so it is now a part of mine. We love the relationship that Butch and Sundance have and we think of our oldest, Joey, as Butch and we hope that the two of them have the same relationship. As far as nicknames, he doesn’t have any yet.”

CBS: How are YOU doing? Your first son Joey just turned 1 a few days after Sundance’s birth. How are you managing it all?

DW: “I’m tired but doing wonderfully. I’m very much in love with my family and enjoying the challenge of raising two babies. All in all, it’s a very tiresome time right now on very little sleep.”

CBS: Are you breastfeeding? If so, how is that going?

KW: “Yes, and it’s a challenge because I’m training a lot as I’m getting back to my job. I had one day where I pumped nine times and it made me want to stop. But, I do know the benefits and I’m going to hang on as long as possible.”

CBS: Is Joey adjusting well to being a big brother?

KW: “Yes, he has adjusted really well. He was initially aggressive and curious about his new brother. But now when Sundance cries he’s the first to come to him, pats him, pokes him a little and if he’s in the swing he’ll push him too.”

CBS: Tell us about your upcoming evaluation at the Gatorade Performance Lab. What does it entail? Are you nervous?

KW: “It’s great, scientists from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute will put me through some tests to assess my fitness and give me tips on how I should fuel properly before, during and after competition. The tests are similar to what they used to help formulate their new G Series line of products and I’m looking forward to participating in them like a number of other professional athletes.

And yes, I’m nervous because I’ve never done testing like this before but I have always heard about it. I obviously want to live up to the name of an elite athlete. Overall, I’m more excited to take part in the testing than anything else.”

CBS:” Do you feel your fitness level is where it should be at this point?

KW: “With the new perspective of being a mother, I will say yes I am. However where I want to be is far from where I am at currently.”

CBS: Sundance was born just 8 weeks ago. Have you been working out already? Have you lost a lot of the weight?

KW: “Yes, I’ve been working out since four weeks after he was born. I’ve lost a lot of weight, but I have about 12 pounds to go to reach my pre-pregnancy weight. My workouts have consisted of doing Pilates and weight lifting twice a week, practicing on the beach four times a week and a beach cardio workout once a week.”

CBS: Will you ever compete on Dancing with the Stars like your partner Misty May-Treanor?

KW: “Initially I said never, ever. However, it seems like it would be a pretty amazing experience. I would appreciate putting myself out there to see what I’m made of so it’s not a never anymore.”

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Photo credit: Gatorade, Susan Goldman / Twitter

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