Frances Bean Cobain Reveals Art At LA Gallery

Following in her parents’ creative footsteps, Frances Bean Cobain – daughter of Hole singer Courtney Love and the late Kurt Cobain – is taking the art community by storm as she debuts her “ghoulish” collection of sketches at Los Angeles’ La Luz de Jesus gallery in an exhibition entitled “Scumf–k”.

“For the genre she’s working in she’s obviously very talented,” says Mat Gleason, editor of the Coagula Art Journal, who attended the sold-out show. Noting that her childhood in “a punk-rock household” has had an obvious influence on the 17-year-old artist, he adds: “She’s definitely keeping with the family tradition.”

Though Frances chose to show her work under the pseudonym “Fiddle Tim”, Gleason tells PEOPLE there is no doubt in his mind that the work is hers: “It tells me is that she didn’t want the attention, and that she wanted the work to stand on its own.”

“That shows integrity,” he adds.

Mom Courtney, though estranged from her daughter, tweeted her admiration for Frances’ work: “I adore my daughter and miss her,” she wrote. “But that scumf–k stuff is cool.”

Frances, who currently resides with her grandmother, is set to inherit a large amount of money from her father’s estate next month when she celebrates her eighteenth birthday on August 18.

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Good for her!!! I just hope the fame doesn’t drive her crazy like it did her parents…
ps. what a way to ring in your 18th birthday…WITH MILLIONS!!!! No starving artist there…


Good for Frances Bean. It is wonderful to have a talent like that. She is showing signs of being a sensible, level headed person with her own ambitions. It is unfortunate she has the mother she does but she is making the best of it and succeeding. Irregardless, 18 seems a little young to inherit a large sum of money. Hopefully she has the maturity to handle such a big responsibility. I am thinking she does.


I also hope she can go far in career without getting caught up in the fame. I’m thinking since she’s been on the crazy side of fame her entire life, it took her father from her, and she’s seen her mom “in action”, she’s probably sick and tired of it by now. I wish her the best and hope she has a long long happy life!!


OK, I’ve seen some of these drawings and can not understand how they are considered creative or high enough quality for a gallery show. She may have “shown her work under’ a pseudonym but people seemed to knew whose work it was pretty quickly so I doubt she got the show or the attention based on the work itself.