Jennifer Garner & Her Big Apple Babes

Jennifer Garner was pretty in pink as she and her girls Violet, 4, and Seraphina, 1, headed out for lunch with friends in New York today (July 17). The sisters shared a stroller ride as they made their way through the busy city streets.

Jen’s handsome husband Ben Affleck is getting set for the September release of his latest movie, The Town, which he stars in as well as directed. His co-star Rebecca Hall recently talked about what it was like to film with Ben in Beantown.

He’s kind of what you expect: He’s incredibly smart; he’s good fun. It’s got to be odd being that famous, especially in Boston, where he can’t walk a block without having to put his hood up. He is Mr. Boston.”

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  • klutzy_girl

    Seraphina is getting so big!

    And I love Jen’s dress. It’s really pretty.

  • Anonymous

    Violet is wearing her mom’s sunglasses. How cute. Seraphine is looking so much like her big sis Violet it’s crazy.

  • both kids are happy in stroller

    It is great to see Ben’s trailer for THE TOWN FINALLY.. and hope to see
    pix of Jen with Helen Mirren and Mr. Katey Perry…Sera didn’t look to happy
    at the airport either…Love how the kids are in the same stroller …now that
    is how to get around New York.. thanks for the photos celebrity baby scoop

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to read what the anti-Jen camp finds to b**ch about now, based on these photos:

    “Oh my god, Jen is clearly pretending to love Sera for the cameras in these pics! She is so fake! I bet she just throws the baby on the sidewalk for the nannies to pick up as soon as the paparazzi are gone!”

    • Anonymous

      Oh please, your getting a bit ridiculous now.

      • Anonymous

        That’s pretty much almost exactly what was posted by the crazies who hate her in the last post about her.

        • Anonymous

          Exactly! Thank you 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Go re-read the posts from yesterday’s thread — they really are about that bad!! “Oh, Jen is only holding her girls because she needs to prove to the world that she is a hands-on mom, blah blah blah.”

        (If you haven’t read these posts, I recommend doing so, for a good laugh!)

    • Anonymous

      Give it a rest and get some help for your problems, there were no mean comments about jennifer until you posted your crazy rantings. Thank god the rest of jens fans aren’t as crazy as you.

      • Anonymous

        Ah, the voice of reason – thank you!! I think the previous poster just doesn’t get it and seems hyper-sensitive about the observations of others. All the hate and vitriol on the previous post came from her (directed at other posters, not JG).

        • Anonymous


          This is scary.

        • Amy S

          For the record, I am not a huge Jen fan (beautiful woman and cute kids, but not much of an actress), but I am alarmed at all the crazy hatred coming out in these readers’ comments lately, both today and yesterday.

          I’m guessing it’s just one person (or maybe two) who are trolling this site… But it’s still disturbing how irrational the ranting is against this family.

  • Erica Ann

    I think Jennifer always looks pretty, but I think that the dark hair color really suits her features. Seraphina looks beautiful as always.

  • Anonymous

    oh good grief people need to chill out and get over it.

  • nanpan

    I’d love to have her arms! She looks great (and definitely not pregnant) 😉

  • Jenster no bad comments yet

    The other photos have Victor Garber pushing the stroller too.!! And she
    does like the two nannies with her…The one pushing it now has been
    with her since Vi was born ..Ben does look great in his new movie…

    Love to see Jen in that huge Rolls Royce …but she is playing the rich
    girl that Arthur is suppose to marry…

    • Anonymous

      Was Victor Garber there also? I have missed seeing him hanging out with Jen as they are very close friends and always spent time together on the West coast. Where did you see the pics of Victor? I would love to see him even it’s only a photo. I will wait for your answer. Thank you in advance if you would be kind enough to provide the info.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t get upset that some of us see that Jennifer garner is a attention whore who daily exploits her children. She only pretends to hide them when Ben is around, but is all smiles when he isn’t.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, it happens, people tend to get upset when they bear witness to an untruth be carried out. I have seen plenty of pics when Jen is visibly upset with paps, (with and without the presence of Ben) but she does a great job for the most part in controlling her anger (a hellva lot better than I would). But hey, this is not about me, right? I just have a way of calling out a liar when I witness such a thing.

  • both kids are happy in stroller

    right there..!!! Please Jen is not seen from the hotel to the Starbucks
    Just walking up a sidewalk with her friends with the kids..wippie
    look to the right and see the photos there how many are just walking around

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer is absolutely beautiful! Violet and Seraphina are so pretty! Wonderful family!

  • Anonymous

    Love those kids! They are adorable and put a smile on my face!

  • SaeahEL

    When did taking your kids out of the house ever become a photo opp. I take my kids out and around town everyday. If everyone saw jen out of the house without her little girls, then what would be said. Also, if i had the means to get out of the house with a but of extra help, then i would in a heartbeat. It would make things like shopping and running errands sooo much easier! I thankfully don’t have anyone following me with a camera. I don’t see her as a woman who is showing off her children.

  • nicoleC

    adorable sisters!!!
    Seraphina is so pretty

  • Tif

    i want Jen’s hair! it looks amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Seraphina is a beautiful child. Love this family.

  • Having fun in New York…

    If you want to see the pix of Victor Garber with Jen having lunch and strolling
    New York go to her website Jen-fans…

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful mom and daughters! Seraphina is absolutely adorable!

  • popsykl

    gee wizz sera is looking more like ben, gorgeous children

  • Anonymous

    Wait she’s riding in a car without a carseat for her baby. What a irresponsible mother!

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I love Jen and Ben and the whole family, but I really, REALLY hope she put that baby into a carseat before that car started moving, because if she didn’t….well there just are no words.

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