Kendra Wilkinson Is Thrilled To Watch Hank Jr. Learn To High Five

It’s a great time to be Kendra Wilkinson, she’s got a hit television show, a New York Times best-seller (Sliding Into Home) and a devoted husband in football player Hank Baskett. While attending the Espys, Kendra spoke to People about the other source of joy in her life: 7-month-old Hank Jr., her first child!

Kendra says Hank has achieved a very special first, she taught him how to “high-five!” Hank says that the little one is now obsessed with high-fiving; “All I hear in the room is, ‘High-five, high five! Yeahhh! That’s all I hear all day long.”

Things are going so well Kendra and Hank may add another player to their team. Kendra coyly told People she and Hank were “thinking” about having another baby, and added that “maybe next summer” would be the right time.

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  • Grace

    It’s nice that she’s proud of her baby, but does she have to report every move that kid makes to the media. I’m half expecting to turn on the computer one day and read “Hank just filled his diaper.”

    • Annie Bananie

      I think Kendra is looking more beautiful and happier than ever right here. She came a long way from her playboy and sextape times and I think we should cut her some slack. I’m usually not a fan of the blonde-bimbo-attention-grabbers but for some reason I find Kendra touching and quite real.

  • Anonymous

    correction hank is a football playyer not a baskettball player

    • Jenny

      Thanks, just fixed it.

  • Courtney

    Kendra is a publicity whore that’s all but she’s also a proud mommy

  • Anonymous

    @grace~ im glad kendra is thrilled to show off her son. you would probably do the same with your own baby… unless you are MJ.

    • Grace

      There’s a difference between proudly sharing those details with family and friends and using them to get attention from the press. Kendra is using her child to get attention and I find that disturbing.

      And I’m not sure who MJ is.

  • Anonymous

    who are you to judge Grace, you also have your own mistakes, let Kendra be proud of her son

    • Grace

      This is a celebrity gossip site, not a celebrity worshipping site. I am not obligated to come here and heap praise on every celebrity that is featured. If you can’t handle someone disliking something Kendra does then perhaps you should go hang out at a Kendra fan website.

  • IraqiPrincess

    Grace, a tad jealous?.. She will always be in the spotlight atleast she isnt bragging about herself.. she’s a normal mum who is proud of her baby and she is a good mum

    • Grace

      It’s never more obvious to me that the point I’ve made is a valid one than when the people disagree with me can’t come up with anything to say in response other than “you’re jealous.”

      It’s possible to disagree with one aspect of someone’s life and still not dislike them, or to disagree with someone and not be jealous of them. To imply that a person has to like or agree with every single thing another person does or else they’re jealous is the kind of critical thinking (or rather, lack of critical thinking) that I expect from someone who is either a small child or an adult who is not very bright.

  • Anonymous

    She should be proud..That’s what his buddies will be doing when they see the sex tape. “High Five Hank!”

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