Gwen Stefani & Boys Visit Grandpa

Spiderwebs singer Gwen Stefani and her sweet sons, Kingston, 4, and Zuma, 2 next month, took at trip to visit her father Dennis in West Hollywood on Saturday (July 17). Gwen was dressed fashionably as usual, wearing a stripped shirt with an open back that revealed her bright blue bra.

Earlier this month, we saw Gwen and her two boys running some errands at The Grove in Los Angeles.

The boys’ father is Gwen’s husband of nearly 8 years, rocker Gavin Rossdale.

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Photo credit: GSI Media / Fame


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  1. Anonymous

    Wow, she looks pregnant in pic 5. I wonder if it was just the wind or if that’s really a bump under there!

  2. Anonymous

    Zuma is so pretty! He should have been a girl. Gwen and Gavin make the prettiest children.

    • Amy S

      Hey, why can’t boys be pretty??! I have a beautiful 2 year old boy who looks a lot like Zuma, and I would never trade him for a girl. He is perfect and lovely the way he is.

      But I definitely agree with you, that Gwen and Gavin make beautiful kids.

  3. Tiffany

    I think she’s pregnant too…..but when did it become fashionable (as in good taste) to show your undergarments> I really think we give “celebrities” too much leeway.

  4. Anonymous

    wearing your bra showing while visiting your dad…um,, yeah no

  5. Jessie

    Is that Kingston in the pictures sporting red hair? Gwen dyes her 4 year old’s hair? Can’t parents these days let kids be themselves instead of dying their hair? It seems like it’s telling the kid that they are defective somehow. Like their own natural hair color is ugly. I don’t like that. There’s plenty of time to wear makeup/ dye their hair when they’re older.

  6. Rebecka

    Jessie: No it’s not Kingston, it’s Gwen’s sisters child.

  7. Anonymous

    Maybe it’s a swimsuit top.

  8. Sonya

    I’m really hoping that she’s pregnant and trying to hide it with the way she’s been dressing lately, her style has become atrocious:-(

  9. Allejandra

    She only looks pregnant in one photo. It could be the draping of the garment. That top is very unusual, but it’s what Gwen likes, funky stuff.

  10. Anonymous

    Oh my, its’s amazing how blond Zuma is, wow :O he’s adorable tho and resembles Kingston a lot 🙂
    For the one who asked, it’s not Kingston in these pics but yes, she does dye his hair!

  11. Anonymous

    That boy is a little beauty.

  12. Anonymous

    She looks ridiculous. Always does.

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