Jennifer Garner & Her Central Park Pals

Jennifer Garner spent a beautiful afternoon at Central Park with her two gorgeous girls, Seraphina, 18-months, and Violet, 4, on Sunday (July 18). The trio were joined by two others, including actor and family friend Victor Garber, who was spotted smiling and laughing while pushing the Affleck sisters in their stroller.

During their fun family outing, the girls got a chance to cool off in the water and later enjoyed ice cream sandwiches with their mom. Little sweetheart Seraphina even took a turn on the swings!

On Saturday, the 38-year-old Alias star and her daughters were seen strolling together through the busy streets of NYC as they made their way to a lunch date with friends.

The girls’ father is Jennifer’s husband of 5-years, Ben Affleck.

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  1. klutzy_girl

    I love that Victor is so close with them!

  2. md

    New York suits her, no loungewear in sight!

  3. Anonymous

    She needs to get a twin stroller. That is so dangerous that Violet is riding like that.

    • Julia725

      I don’t think that’s a nanny. She seems more like a friend. And obviously they have a nanny. What I like about them though is that they’re always interacting with the girls, even if a nanny is with them.

      Also, looks like Jen definitely isn’t pregnant. She looks great!

  4. Anonymous

    She looks very sexy and cute but it would not be practical for her to dress that way on a regular basis. She is such an old fashioned mom and she totally takes motherhood to a whole new level. lol

    I like seeing her smile and enjoy herself with her good friend Victor. She deserves a break and needs to laugh more often. It looks good on her.

  5. Anonymous

    Her little girls are sooo cute! Sera looks adorable on the swing. So sweet.

  6. ege

    the woman sera’s nanny sera like Ben so cute
    ı think violet jealous her sister

  7. Anonymous

    the last picture is so cute

  8. Anonymous

    …Oh no, not them AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous

    Violet and Sera are so pretty. Love this family

  10. Anonymous

    Gorgeous family! so sweet!

  11. Anonymous

    Someone PLEASE buy them the BOB Dualie! Please! I’m sure it’s safe enough that Violet rides like that, but… Just get the Dualie already and strap her in.

  12. Anonymous

    These pictures are beyond adorable. And Thank you CBS, for not calling them “the Garner Girls”!

  13. Anonymous

    The girls have identical profiles. So adorable.

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