Keith Sweat, Nokio & Jazz Revive Dru Hill!

Popular ’90s group Dru Hill is making a comeback – and we get to see it unfold on the small screen! With 13 children between the 3 of them, Keith Sweat, Nokio and Jazz combine their talents in the new reality TV show, Keith Sweat’s Platinum House. These proud musician dads sat down with Celebrity Baby Scoop for a look into their busy lives and their “bona fide” small screen hit.

Keith Sweat, a major contributor to the New jack swing era, is the magic behind the Dru Hill comeback. He says Keith Sweat’s Platinum House is “basically a reality show that shows the struggle of a multi-platinum R&B group trying to reclaim their place at the top of the charts. The show allows the audience to see first hand the behind the scenes turmoil and drama of Dru Hill’s comeback.”

Nokio, founder and member of Dru Hill adds his excitement about the reality show. “I’m definitely excited to revive the group through our album Indrupendence Day and through Platinum House,” Nokio says. “Everyone should expect the unexpected when it comes to the TV show. I don’t want to give too much away.”

Fellow band member Jazz also has high hopes for the show and revival of the group. “Platinum House Is a bona fide hit,” Jazz boasts. “This reality show has a lot of scenes and unknown things revealed that shows that we’re just human striving to become great. Keith has been a blessing to Dru Hill. I thank god for using Keith to reach out his hand and pull in his fellow brothers.”

As a key player in the music industry, Keith has seen many changes in the music industry. “R&B music is watered down to almost pop music,” the father of four says. “The newer R&B artist does not sing pure R&B music the way that Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross and Gerald Levert, Frankie Beverly, Maxwell, and Johnny Gill sings it.”

And what about all those kids? Keith says he’s a “single dad” to his four children: daughters Keyshia, 20, and Keia, 18, and sons Jordan, 15, and Justin, 12. When asked if his children enrich his music career, he proudly states, “YES!”

Nokio is also no stranger to large families. He is proud dad to four children: Kevin, 15, Jordan, 10, Niko, 7, and Chloe, 16 months. When asked if any of his children are musical, he says, “All of my children love music. Niko and Jordan can pick a hit record after they hear it one time,” he gushed. “Kevin likes rock music and he’s learning the guitar. They all love to sing their favorite songs – even Chloe.”

Nokio goes on to say that fatherhood has enriched his music career. “Being a father has made me more serious about my career,” he says. “It also made me grow up and want to explore other genres of music that I may hear my kids listening to. There’s nothing like seeing my kids enjoying my music or being proud of something I have accomplished.”

And what about Jazz’s crew? He’s a “proud dad” to 5 kids: Tajae, 13, Lashiya, 10, Marquis, 7, Chris, 6, and Taraji, 5 months. He says that his kids are “musical, theatrical, comedians and dancers.”

The busy dad said that his children have made him want to be a better musician. “Being a dad has empowered my will and enhanced my passion for the good life,” he says. “To provide a good life for my kids… They’re my strength! I love them with every ounce of everything within. It feels great to pass on knowledge and love,” he adds, “Makes you cherish life that much more.”

Jazz went on to say that he recently spent Father’s Day away from his 5 kids. “I spent Father’s Day in Pensacola, Florida doing a make up show for our fans,” he says, and adds, “In this line of work we may miss a few holidays here and there. It’s a sacrifice we have to make but its cool ’cause we always seem to make them up once we get around our family and friends.”

Nokio adds that it wasn’t his most memorable Father’s Day this year. “I had to work on Father’s Day. I wasn’t happy about that but my wife made sure she gave me my gifts before I left and she made me a rum cake.”

Keith Sweat’s Platinum House premiered on June 28 at 10:30 PM/9:30 C on CENTRIC.

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  • antigoniem

    Wasn’t there a fourth member of Dru Hill??? AND NO, it was not Kieth Sweat.

  • Anonymous

    This site rarely have black celebrity kids with their family. Then I come to the site and see this…Did you realize the lead singer of Dru Hill impregnated a teenage underage girl?? He was on tour in another country…. He shouldn’t bee on this or any other baby blog. Please have more pictures of more black and other minority celebs… I’m always surprised by how little you and a few other blogs have.

    • antigoniem

      Sisqo took a paternity test and he is not the father of that child. I’m pretty sure he would be in prison by now.

      • Anonymous

        The test was positive

    • Lioness

      Anonymous, go to, I went after noticing the same lack… between this site and that one, I do believe everyone’s covered 🙂

  • Lioness

    And they can give away everything, as far as I’m concerned, LOL… I’m not a fan of reality shows anyway, and this one sounds particularly dull…

  • Dru Hill Fan

    I like about 10 songs on the CD. I heard the songs and videos from the CD at the website . Sisqo is still looking sexy as ever.

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