Eddie Cibrian & LeAnn Rimes Take The Boys To The Beach

Life’s a beach! Actor Eddie Cibrian was spotted taking a sunny surfside stroll yesterday in Malibu, California with his girlfriend LeAnn Rimes and his sons Mason, 7, and Jake, 3 (July 17).

Eddie and LeAnn and the kids recently celebrated the 4th of July together at a Santa Barbara resort, where the country crooner was snapped getting affectionate with her beau in front of the boys. When the photos drew criticism, LeAnn fired back, Tweeting, “Since when is kissing your boyfriend a crime?! Who’s right was it to take pics of us in a private moment and display them for judgement?! I love my fans, the people who know my heart and stick beside me.”

Last month LeAnn opened up about her relationship with Eddie – which began while both were married to other people – to People magazine, saying, “I take responsibility for everything I’ve done. I hate that people got hurt. But I don’t regret the outcome.”

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Photo credit: KAMA/GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    Can’t get enough of LeAnn. Those are going to be tall, cute boys. Best of everything to LeAnn.

    • Anonymous

      Of course you can’t. She is paying you. LR pays EC so well that he abandons all of the promises that he made to his kids. Yeap, this will surely bring more dislike on EC and LR shoulders. How many “happy family” photo-ops are they going to stage before they realize that they have burned EVERY bridge?

      Hey, while EC is exlpoiting his kids for LR pleasure, has he even paid chile support?

  • Anonymous

    “I don’t regret the outcome.” yeah leann, spoken like a true self-centered b***h…you only think about yourself and not others. I hope you enjoy all the karma that’s gonna come your way.

  • HLBronson

    I don’t care if the paps were intruding on her “private moment” or not. Her a** was in that poor little boys face. But what else do you expect from a woman who was married and parading around town with a married man? Classless.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t care how good it makes you feel to say it and put her down, but HER A** WAS NOT IN THE CHILD’S FACE.

      • Anonymous

        Newsflash! Her right cheek is merely inches away from the child’s face. You know what they say…You can take the woman out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the woman! 😉

      • Anonymous

        Oh CBME,

        Why are you always trying to tell us that the evidence doesn’t show what it shows? The photos of there for us all to see. LR behind was in the kids face.

        So EC does have a job. He is working for LR and apparently it also involves using his kids for free labor too.

        Yeap, we will surely believe that EC loves LR after seeing these photos of the “happy family”, right?

        Can someone please explain to us why EC blasted his wife for being spotted with this kids on a beach when he has for the THRID time allowed his kids faces to be plastered all over the internet and the tabs?

        What a great dad. He uses those kids like they are kleenex’s. “Come on kids, LR has to convince the world that I am not using her for money because she doesn’t care what others think of out “romance””

        • Anonymous

          Who are YOU kidding? You have to have something to write about to do your job and so you dwell on this. Guess news must be slow for you now that LeAnn is not tweeting about her life so much. As you are prone to say “slapped yourself in the face” when you made a big mess out of everything she said didn’t you?

          • Anonymous

            Hi cbme. We know that Leann doesn’t have anything to write about, so she tweets about another woman’s kids and then wakes those kids up from their sleep just so that she can be seen with them.

            If Leann would stop tipping off the paps, the public would not have anything to say about her constant exploitation of these kids. BTW, EC messed this up because it was EC who jumped all over his wife when she was spotted with her kids on a beach and now he wants to do the very thing that he blasted his wife for?

            For the last time, no one wants LR to tweet about her life, especially since the married man has made several statements about how he wants privacy.

            What are you talking about? Who made a big mess out of what LR says? Well thanks for outting yourself. Only CBME keeps telling us that the evidence doesn’t show what it shows, blaming BG for everything that happens to LR and EC, and then gets offended because in an attempt to teach me a lesson she slaps herself in the face (ie-shows up on this site using another posters name and then when she denies she calls me “Mr.” something that we have witnessed her do on various sites.

            So what happened, CBME must be upset because this little photo-op just made EC look like even a more lowlife.

      • Wolf103fm
  • Grace

    I never thought a couple would come along that conducted themselves in a more disgusting manner than Tori and Dean, but I do believe that Eddie and Leann have topped them.

    • Anonymous

      But you keep up with and keep reading everything about Tori and Dean and “this couple,” dont you?

      • Anonymous

        Oh CBME, who are you to criticize anyone when you are visting BG twitter page on a regular basis and even took to harassing her and posting “GET A JOB” posts to her?

  • Cabos

    Eddie and LeAnn can kiss my butt. They so deserve each other.

  • samantha

    Sweet family photos. I love the energy these two have together. More please!

    • Anonymous

      The samanatha that posted is not the real samantha, it is CBME trying to intimidate another person by using her name.

      What family? EC and LR money? EC is still married isn’t he?

      What energy? Everyone knows that they are just using those kids to make up for the 4th of July fiasco.

      Wow, so you think that you help LR and EC by requesting more photos of them under 10-30 different names?

  • Handsome Couple

    Yummy Eddie and songbird LeAnn. Hugs and love to you two.

    • Anonymous

      If that was the case, you wouldn’t have to post under 10-30 different names to make it look like they have support.

      What a bunch of scum to use those kids. What happened to protecting his kids from the nature of tabloids? Was LR money more important?

      • Anonymous

        Check on what the ex has put in print and then tell us about bad publicity!!

        • Anonymous

          What bad publicity is EC wife putting in print? Oh you mean when LR pr person has to post anti-BG fanfic or that EC and LR affair is BG karma because she cheated with EC when he was engaged just to get the public to dislike BG because she can get the public to say or write nice things about LR? Or are you talking about how in LR pr person’s mind and LR mind everything that happens to them is ALWAYS BG fault?

  • Anonymous

    These two are disgusting cheaters! They deserve each other! Two pigs!

  • Clean Undies

    I admire Eddie and LeAnn for taking on the pain that comes with leaving relationships that weren’t working and creating a beautiful future for their family. With a 50+% divorce rate, why should they be held to a different standard than everyone else. LeAnn is a wonderful mom, cooking for the family and loving watching her boys enjoy the meals. And Eddie is a great dad, full of surprises and always seeking a good time for the family. True love knows no schedule, and no obstacles. When true love happens and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Eddie and LeAnn fell in love, are in love, and will be in love. May peace be with them, the rest of their families, and with the people who can’t stand to see true love happen.

    Clean Undies

    • Anonymous

      true love at the expense of others…I can’t believe that people will use the excuse “true love” for committing adultery. They could have waited until they told each other’s spouses that they’re not happy anymore. Instead, they were sneaking behind their backs which probably hurt even more. People just don’t value marriage anymore, these days. No wonder divorce rates are high.

    • Anonymous

      *Rolls her eyes*
      Do you think that maybe Eddie and Brandi thought it was true love while they were married with two children together? Oh well, who cares…with a 50% divorce rate, I’m sure the Eddie and LeAnn relationship won’t last long either, if they even make it to the altar.

    • Grace

      Leann is not a wonderful mom because she’s not even a mom. She and Eddie aren’t married so she’s not even a step-mom at this point. And your entire post sounds like it was either written by Eddie, Leann or one of their publicists.

      And I would be curious to know if Eddie’s children, who have had their home life ruined and their sense of security shattered, would consider the future that Leann and Eddie have created for them to be a beautiful one as you described.

    • Anonymous

      you’re ridiculous…people just don’t find the effort to make marriages work. People fall in and out of love everyday. Both Leann and Eddie made a commitment to their exes but let lust blind them. Marriages are not easy and these two won’t succeed even if they make it to the altar because of the circumstances of their involvement. People just don’t have morals anymore and these two are living examples.

      • Anonymous

        Especially when LR money is at stake. I just can’t believe that this jerk, who made such a big fuss about his wife being on a beach with his kids, has once again sold his kids out for LR money.

    • Anonymous

      Hi CBME.

      You don’t admire LR and EC. Just like EC, you admire LR MONEY.

      EC and LR did not leave their marriages, as evidenced by the fact that LR had to expose the affair because EC was not doing what she wanted him to do.

      Leann is not a mom, those kids are not hers. BG also cooked, so then when you and Leann slam her as mother, that means that you are out of line, right?

      If LR loved those boys, then this photo-op would not exist. LR loves LR and EC loves LR money. This photo-op is going to get EC and LR even more backlash because everyone knows by now that they are tipping off the paps. What a sad life for EC and LR that they have to use kids to promote themselves.

      If EC was a great dad,then he would abide by ALL of the promises that he made to his kids, even the one he made about not exposing them to the media. EC and LR are sick and in an attempt to win back the public, they use two innocent kids as shields.

      True love? Where do you see true love? So when EC cheated on LR with SMJ, it was true love, right?

      What are you talking about? Have you been reading too many romance novels? Love does not happen that way, but LUST does. We are not animals and if people could not control their feelings how come EVERYONE isn’t having affairs? How is that only a select few found themselves in bed with EC? If we are not able to control our feelings, then by your own logic that means that EC is cheating on LR, right?

      No peace will ever be with EC and LR because they just don’t get it. The public does not like them and we are tired of EC throwing his kids under a bus because his HPD mistress can’t cope with the fact that everyone knows that he is using her for money.

      How interesting that EC is ready and willing to show in public with his kids and LR trying to make us think that they are one big happy family, but he is not willing to pay child support.

      Yeap. So instead of taking care of his kids basic needs he thinks walking on a beach with them will suffice. What a lowlife.

      What true love? EC and LR money?

  • Anonymous

    Those are two of the most digusting people ever. He fell in love with her money and she fell in love with a man who cheated and had an affair while his WIFE was pregnant with thir BABY. The same little boy you see walking on the beach with them how that man looks at himself in the mirror ,I don’t know I hope he never works again and I hope they will wind up miserable with each other.. Take a clue if you want to see what someone looks like down the road, take a look at the mother

  • Anonymous

    gracious leann has been going to the gym. guess she can’t take a chance on losing Eddie Notice noone said anything about the rest of her I mean the fact that she looks like the grinch

  • Anonymous

    notice in those pictures, that no one appears to be smiling and happy leann, especially has her lips pursed in every picture Think this was just publicity shots to bolster their low self esteem and morale Maybe her face looks like that because she couldn’t wear her string bikini .nah , her face looks like that because she is just homely

    • Anonymous

      She probably is trying to “act” like she doesn’t know the paps are there, seeing as how she is able to avoid the paps when she doesn’t want to be seen (as evidenced by her own words on her twitter account). Does Leann have a concert because why else would photos of them taken on Sat pop up on Tues? That doesn’t seem odd to anyone? The last time this happened, it was in honor of EC Hallmark movie (one site has photos and then as it gets closer to the premiere of his movie, they release the photos) or a new episode of CSI Miami. When the media sees these photos they need to check the TV guide or Leann’s concert schedule.

  • Anonymous

    notice in those pictures, that no one appears to be smiling and happy leann, especially has her lips pursed in every picture Think this was just publicity shots to bolster their low self esteem and morale Maybe her face looks like that because she couldn’t wear her string bikini .nah , her face looks like that because she is just homely

  • Anonymous

    How can anyone support this couple?! If you do, GOOD LUCK in your relationships because condoning cheating is just disgusting. What kind of role model is this idiot to his sons? They’d be better off without him.

  • Anonymous

    This is so sad for the children, who love their Daddy, and are forced to share their time with him with a woman who does not respect them, nor their Mommy. Kids this young should not be taught to dislike anyone, so know they are enjoying the beach and whoever is with them. Eddie’s decisions put himself first and the best for his sons last. Eddie’s the problem, and is not the kind of man or father you can respect. Eddie could be with LeeAnne but should spend his time with his kids alone and keep LeeAnne out of their life for a while.

    • Anonymous

      But then how else will Eddie get his hands on Leann’s money? Eddie has made a living from allowing Leann to exploit his kids. Shouldn’t his kids get a portion of Eddie’s “reward”?

  • Anonymous

    Leann looks like a sour-puss in those pictures. she must not be getting any hammock time, Hard to do the “thing “on a hammock and pick your nose at the sane time . Happy trails to you. Eddie you are such a scumbag of a man. May your married life together be filled with lots of little fugly kids that look like Leann and have their fingers up their nose at all times

  • Jenny-Loo

    people are nuts, you can’t help who you fall in love with! They both obviously regret the way things went down but come on give them a break were all human.

    • Anonymous

      Hi cbme.

      Now why do you keep insisting on pushing that having affairs equates to love?

      We are humans not animals and we most certainly can control who we fall in LUST with.

      EC and LR do not regret their actions, hence why they continued to stage pda photo-ops when their divorces were not even final.

      They will get a break when they stop trying to force this nonsense down our throats. So because LR still can not cope with the fact that everyone believes that EC does not love her we have her exploiting EC kids again. We know that she tipped off the paps. And because of her constant attention seeking, this little photo-op is going to make people dislike her even more.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, isn’t this the same man who blasted his wife for daring to be spotted with her kids on a beach? And look, what does he do because LR money is more important to him then the welfare of his kids?

    Wow, these two jerks will go to no ends to push this farce down our throats? So now we are supposed to think that EC and LR are in love because they stroll on a beach with his kids? And isn’t this just a re-enactment of those photos of EC and his wife walking down a street holding his son’s hands?

    BTW has EC even paid child support?

  • Anonymous

    Private moment?

    Well the major problem is that LR tipped off the paps. She was just upset because the response to her “kiss” with EC was not what she intended.

    LR and EC have managed to avoid the paps SEVERAL times. So if we are seeing photos like this, then either check the TV guide or LR concert schedule.

    LR tipped off the paps and she tipped them off now.

    So if LR thinks that our opinions don’t have a bearing on her life, why then is she ALWAYS trying to make us believe that EC and her are in love because they appear in photos with his kids?

    LR keeps staging these photo-ops and then she wants to boo hoo when the public does not respond to them favorably.

    Shouldn’t LR be encouraging EC to pay child support, instead of making us think that EC is in love with her because he holds her hand the same way he was holding his wife’s hand when he was cheating on her?

  • Anonymous

    Why does she always dress so inapproprately around those kids?

    Most importantly, has anyone ever noticed that in EC and LR beach photo-ops how they are NEVER spotted in the water? Another indication that the photo-op was a set up.

  • Anonymous

    It is so obvious that when Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes are photographed with his children it’s staged. Is Eddie Cibrian showing that he is a responsible father when he allows his sons to be used to make he and LeAnn look good together? I think not. He’s exploiting his children. Brandi is the mother of these children, not LeAnn Rimes. Eddie and LeAnn, I hope that you will read all of these things that people have said about the two of you. Both of you are totally disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    Are those kids still in their PJs? So this jerk and his mistress woke those kids up just to stage this photo?

  • Anonymous

    Leann is a classic textbook example of HPD.

  • Anonymous

    And Leann does it again.

    We said that these photos were set up.

    So Leann is once again using charity to whitewash her image so that she can continue to tweet and stage these photos with EC.

    We are only seeing these photos because LR thought that singing for the oil spill made it okay.

    This is why people do not like LR. She does not do anything unless she can get something out of it.

    She gets slammed for those photos and then she does charity thinking that it will absolve her and thus the tweets and stroll on the beach.

  • pletchermdj


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