Gavin Henson: Charlotte & I “Weren’t Good For Each Other”

Singer Charlotte Church and boyfriend Gavin Henson split in April, and recent reports have speculated that a reconciliation may not be too far off.

The former couple, who are parents to two children, Ruby, 2 1/2, and Dexter, 1 1/2, are not reconciling, according to Henson, who says that the two “weren’t getting on, but we didn’t want to drag it out for another couple of years.”

The Welsh rugby player told Fabulous magazine,

I’m not from a broken home; it’s the last thing I wanted for my kids. But I just knew it was going to ruin their lives if we’d carried on. I don’t want them growing up with issues. By doing it this way, when they’re young, they’ll grow up thinking it’s normal to see mummy some days and daddy the others. It was a brave decision, but a sad one. We were arguing a lot. Not over anything in particular, but these things build up and up. Every partnership has its problems and you work through them or you don’t. I guess we didn’t.

He then added touched on how he will always care for Church, saying, “Charlotte gave birth to both the kids in the kitchen and I cut the cords – it was mind-blowing. The kids still blow my mind every time I see them. I’ll always love Charlotte for having our two unbelievable, beautiful kids.”

The two began dating in 2005, and became engaged this past February before splitting.

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  1. Anonymous

    When they split, he said “I’m only 28. I’m still young and I like to go out”…roughly. Fact is, 28 isn’t young. Some men just shouldn’t have kids until they’re good and ready!!Henson should have waited until he was in his mid/late-30s. Pity he wasn’t mature enough to realise it.

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