Jennifer Garner & Violet Hail A Cab

So cute! Mom-of-two Jennifer Garner and a friend were photographed with Jen’s 4 1/2-year-old daughter Violet hailing a cab on the upper west side Of Manhattan, New York City today (July 19).

The group was then spotted walking the streets of the Big Apple. Jen and Vi looked too cute in their matching stripes!

We’ve seen The Affleck girls – including 1 1/2-year-old Seraphina – all over town recently! Jen is in New York filming her latest flick, Arthur, alongside Helen Mirren and Russell Brand.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin / Pacific Coast News /


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  1. Anonymous

    Jen always wears baggy and wrinkled clothes with no makeup and her hair’s always a mess. She seems like a nice person but I think she needs to try harder once in a while. The girls are super cute though, especially Seraphina!!

    • Anonymous

      OMG, I know, right? Why isn’t she wearing a ball gown and full makeup to walk around the city when it’s sweltering hot? Won’t someone think of the internet commenters who think they should be able to a tell total stranger how to dress???

    • Shell

      Hair in pony tail, blouse coordinates with pants, pants the nice cool summer fabric (not wrinkled), and looks as good and better than some in the background. She looks nice to be out CASUALLY on a July day with young daughter.

    • Anonymous

      And you must look red-carpet ready 24/7? When I’m not working, you can dang well bet that I’m dressed WAY down, hair is pulled back and makeup is off. I’m sure if Jen reads this she will agree and say you’re right start trying harder. Yep.

  2. Vivien leigh

    Imagine…just imagine….Violet for President. As Geena Davis. šŸ™‚

  3. Anonymous

    This kids got the biggest ears, the biggest feet and the biggest gap in her teeth. Not cute.

    • Anonymous

      Better than having a big hole in her head where her brain should be. That’s right, I am describing you and I don’t even need a picture of you to do it. You comment speaks volumes about your capacity to get along in polite society. Seek help.

      • Amy S

        Yes, exactly. There are the same two or three posters who have written ridiculously hateful comments about this family in the last several posts, over and over again. (And maybe further back — I haven’t really been paying very close attention.) I’m not a huge fan of Jen’s, but I don’t think anyone deserves to be treated like this.

        People are bitter and angry, and sometimes they need to make fun of little kids with full anonymity to feel better about their lives. It’s sad, but there are worse crimes, I guess.

  4. carolyn

    Okay, that main pic is just adorable!

  5. nanpan

    Oh that is just too cute! I love when kids mimic their parents (unless their mimicking something awful, like smoking, or drinking).

  6. Christie

    She looks just like her Mom! So cute!
    Christie at

  7. Anonymous

    Adorable mom and daughter! Violet is a cutie pie!

  8. Anonymous

    Violet and Seraphina are the cutest and sweetest Hollywood kids. Seeing pictures of them brings a smile to my face.

  9. Anonymous

    Amy S – you’re a moron. I’m just stating facts. If you dont like the comments, get off this site.

    • Amy S

      I was only stating my opinion, which is the purpose of these comment boards.

      If you don’t like the fact that people are going to respond to crazy comments with their own opinions, then you need to stop posting crazy stuff. I’m sorry, but if you have the right to post your perspective, then I do as well.

      At least I’m not picking on little kids. (I’m assuming that you’re not a little kid yourself, but I guess I could be wrong!)

  10. abby

    anonymous, i’m pretty sure that calling violet NOT CUTE is an OPINION and not a fact. anyone who has to criticize and insult the physical appearance of a child has some serious issues. it’s bad enough when kids are mean to each other but i’m guessing you’re an adult insulting a child which is pretty pathetic. if you don’t like the replies to your nasty comments then why don’t YOU get off this site? a person can’t help if they were born with a gap in their teeth or big feet and ears, it’s just plain mean to be pointing those things out. i’m sure you have some things about your physical appearance that aren’t perfect. one last thing: don’t call anyone on this site a moron, it’s uncalled for and immature.

    • Amy S

      Thanks, Abby. šŸ™‚ I don’t know why I even care when about hateful people post ridiculously stupid things on this website, but for some reason I can’t help but try to convince them how obnoxious it is. There’s no good reason to be so mean, no matter whom you’re bashing!!!

  11. Anonymous

    She sure is a beautiful child.

  12. Anon

    Will she still be carrying that kid when she is 15?

    • Anonymous

      By the time she is 15 she can be left home alone and it won’t even be an issue. I personally don’t see a problem with a celebrity mom being pursued by paps carrying their 4 yrs old. I’m sure all parents use their best judgment when it come to the safety and well being of their child(ren).

      In any event, that topic has been discussed to the max. It’s beyond boring and totally moot.

      • Bossy

        Is she using her best judgment when she makes movies where she is discussing with a man that she just finished masturbating? She will be a real inspiration and role model for her kids when they see that. Right.

        See Invention of Lying… one of the worst movies ever made.

    • Mary Alice

      If she was carrying her child in the street in NYC, then people would yell at her for that….

  13. Anonymous

    Violet is a spoiled little girl!

  14. Anonymous

    She looks like a spoiled whiney little brat to me. I can spot one a mile away. She is carried wayyyyyyyy too much also. No other celeb mom does this but her. She is an admitted control freak, which would explain her over-protective nature.

    • nanpan

      Are you a parent? If so, I feel sorry for your child(ren), because you seem to believe it’s possible to spoil a child by giving them love and attention. It’s not. Children become spoiled when they are given unlimited material goods, things that, at the end of the day, are meaningless in life and don’t do a darn thing to develop them as people. Giving a child the love and attention they need, throughout their lives, creates confident, secure, productive individuals. Denying a child what they emotionally need, at any point in their lives, creates a chasm from which is is hard to climb out of. Good luck with parenting.

      • Jeannie

        Well said, Nanpan.

        It would be cute if CBS put the picture of Violet hailing the cab side by side with the picture of her doing the same two or three years ago, when Jennifer was in NY for the Broadway show.

  15. Anonymous

    Yep, she’s definitely a spoiled brat.

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