Swaddle Designs: Making Swaddling Simple

Moms and dads everywhere struggle with getting their little ones to sleep. Did you know that swaddled babies sleep better? Swaddle Designs founder Lynette Damir sure did and, consequently, developed the ultimate receiving blanket line and called it SwaddleDesigns. Swaddling can seem complicated, however, to new parents. This is why SwaddleDesigns blankets are large and square with swaddling instructions sewn to the edge of the blanket, so parents have an effective swaddling technique at their fingertips. Now everyone, moms, dads, grandparents, and caregivers can swaddle like a Pro!

There are plenty of celebrity moms are swaddling like pros too. The brand has an impressive list of celeb mommy enthusiasts including: Tori Spelling, Brooke Burke, Alison Sweeney, Bridget Moynihan, Marcia Cross and many more. Famous identical triplets and new mommies, Erica, Jaclyn, and Nicole (Erica is married to Dr. Phil’s son) even collaborated with the company on a special Triplets Paisley collection. Jaclyn is pictured above with daughter Chanel cozied up in her Swaddle Designs blanket.

Swaddling is important because it helps babies transition from womb to world, reduces incidence of SIDS, helps babies sleep better and longer, and decreases awakenings due to the startle reflex.

SwaddleDesigns multi-use blankets are over 40% larger than typical receiving blankets, made from lightweight, breathable cotton, and are the only blankets with swaddling instructions sewn to the edge of the blanket.

And, perfect for summer and beach time, SwaddleDesigns has released a collection of velour hooded towels, available in the same beautiful prints as the blankets.

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    I love the swaddle clothes! Um but Jaclyn’s face is looking very plastic.

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