Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

Leni wears a Meli Meli Faerie Dance Lavender Dress – $198

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  • Anonymous

    NO NO NO! Spend $200 on a child’s dress?

  • Anonymous

    Well Heidi has the money to spend on a two hundred dollar dress for her daughter, but as the average working mother such as myslef. I would ONLY get it if it was on sale and then it would have to be a really CUTE, CUTE dress and sixty dollars!!

  • Peta

    *sees the price* HOLY *censored*! O_O

    Yep, that’s out of my price range for sure.

  • Audrey

    If you can afford $200 for a dress and want it then buy it. But it’s may only be me, but that is – in my opinion – one ugly dress.

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous dress and girl!

  • Anna

    I think the dress is pricey too but I remember seeing Leni wear it before, like half a year ago or something. So at least she didn’t grow out of it in a month.

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