Heidi Klum’s Fashion Advice For Moms

Supermodel mom Heidi Klum is frequently spotted out and about with her brood of four children, Leni, 6, Henry, 4 1/2, Johan, 3 1/2, and Lou, 9 months, with husband Seal. She also keeps busy wearing the many hats of judge/host/executive producer of the hit reality series, Project Runway.

In an interview with Stylelist, Klum shared her tips for dressing sexy as a mom,

Be organized. Narrow it all done to make it work. Get rid of all the things that are too ‘Mumsy.’ I got rid of all my over-baggy, nasty, jim-jam things that are frumpy, so when you put things together, everything is working.”

Klum recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her childrens fashion sense, saying son Johan “loves costumes,” and daughter Leni, “hasn’t really gone beyond pink.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Loukia

    She is always so put together – love her!

  • Anonymous

    Well that’s easy for her to say. When you’re a supermodel with a perfect body, you can wear all the form-fitting and revealing clothes you want. I guess the rest of us are stuck with the “over-baggy, nasty, jim-jam things”. Yes, I’m jealous.

    • Anonymous

      You can have her body too. Just exercise discipline when eating and make healthy choices. It is not that difficult at all.

  • Anon

    Jennifer Garner should take a few notes from Heidi. Garner always looks like a homeless person.

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