Blanqi Body Stylers: For the Fashionista with a Baby Bump

We just discovered this fabulous line of maternity body stylers that allows every fashionista with a baby bump to continue wearing the most stylish and trendy clothing without being self-conscious about her tummy. Blanqi is founded on the philosophy that pregnancy is not a compromise. It’s made for the stylish mama-to-be who wants to be more glamorous than ever throughout her pregnancy.

After discovering a void in the market, Blanqi founders Valerie and Sabina set out to design a product to improve the incredible life changing experience of pregnancy. By fusing fashion with highly technical construction, the Blanqi Body Stylers give chic confidence and comfort during pregnancy. Either worn alone or under clothes, the garments made of moisture wicking and seamless microfiber for an invisible fit and feel, are unlike any other product and enhance the experience by:

  • Providing endless bra choices and wardrobe flexibility
  • Alleviating baby weight with built in belly support
  • Indulging delicate cushioning with soft and wide double-strength straps
  • Distributing pregnancy pounds and reducing stress with ingenious x-shaped back panel that anchors and lifts
  • Allowing the belly to grow without restriction
  • Minimizing and smoothing perceived imperfections while shaping back, sides, torso and hips
  • Extending the use of maternity and non-maternity wardrobe

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  • Natalie

    already have mine and LOVE it. about to do a review on my blog about it because it’s been my go-to item this 2nd time around! We’re expecting baby girl #2 and my belly is so much lower causing me really bad back pain..thank goodness for my blanqi. saved my back!

  • Anonymous

    This is the best ever! My belly is gigantic, and the bodystyler supports it like nothing else.

  • Anonymous

    EVERYONE needs to know about this! I was going to buy a bella band, but I am SO glad I came across this first! The support I get again is nothing like ive ever felt before!

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