Bridget Moynahan On Motherhood: Patience Is Key

Actress Bridget Moynahan tackles motherhood on the big screen in her new film Ramona and Beezus. In the movie, which is based on the beloved books by Beverly Cleary, Bridget plays a “sometimes exasperated mother” of three kids who is trying to balance family life and career. It’s a challenge that Bridget, who is a single mom to 2 1/2-year-old son Jack, knows well.

Asked how she manages it, the 39-year-old beauty replies, “With really good help… You have to have the friends and family and support system to make it all work, to remind you of your priorities.”

Bridget adds that being a mom in reality helps her to play one onscreen, saying, “Just the patience level you need to have, and multitasking. That’s a huge thing being a mom.”

A big fan of the Ramona series, Bridget explains why she is proud to be a part of the family film: “I think there’s a lot of kids movies, I’m certainly aware of it now, and even music that are geared to children and they’re inappropriate… I think this movie delivers on what it says it is. Families going to it are not going to be shocked, and it’s not material they’re going to be worried about.”

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  1. Hanh

    Bridget is way classier than Giselle. She seems grounded in reality while Gisele seems to be in the clouds somewhere totally out of touch with the real world.

  2. Anonymous

    She stayed at the hotel I worked and she was the meanest person I have met in a while. She treated the staff like crap..She was very demanding. Did I forget to mention she doesn’t tip either. (I see why Tom got out when he did). In real life that lady is a B@** I don’t see her beauty anymore. We think we know these people by their interviews and television shows but we don’t. Ugh… I literally almost quit my job

  3. Anon

    Bridget is known for her generosity, fun sense of humor and graciousness – no one believes your made up story.

  4. Anonymous

    I live in the town in Massachusetts where Bridget grew up. Your hotel story is definitely made up. Take your trash elsewhere. Bridget is known to be a VERY kind and generous person.

    • jlove

      Do you see what you wrote?? She grew up in your town so you know her personal behavior?? You sound ridiculous. ‘ known to be kind”… get a life. YOU DO NOT KNOW HER FROM ADAM! Lol, people really amaze me these days. When her number is programmed in your phone & you guys have regular conversations then you can vouch for her character. She is a woman that you don’t know personally same town or not. Maybe YOU should take your trash somewhere else. Everyone here has a right to state their experience without having you talk smack

  5. Anonymous

    she is beautiful and a classy lady.

  6. Anonymous

    I just watched a clip of Bridget on The Today Show promoting this movie. I never realized how beautiful she is.

  7. Anonymous

    She is beautiful and very classy. I too do NOT believe that dumb made up story from some anonymous hater with an agenda against her spreading lies about her character. Give it up loser.

  8. Anonymous

    I guess you can say that I have a girl crush on Bridget…She is beautiful and has a classic beauty. She seems very poised and very private. From my understanding, she used to model. I wish her and John the very best. She deserves to be happy.

  9. jlove

    LOL, an agenda. You women are nuts. With every thing going on in world why would you even care?? Kids starving in our country, children being abused & here you ladies are taking up for a person you don’t even know. The other woman has an AGENDA to discredit Bridget on a baby blog! Right. It’s a conspiracy. Alert the national guard. Then get real .Half the time you hardly know the people in your family( Cheating hubby!) that you trust. She’s beautiful so she has to be a great person?? You only know what celebrities show you. You don’t know the lady you say has an agenda anymore than you know Bridgett. Anonymous …I’m a food server at a restaurant and I’ve had some surprise A-holes(divas) that I thought was so great on T.V . COUGH..Miss Jenny from the block. If I ever see her again in my restaurant I’m telling my manager I’m sick. LOL. Talk about demanding

  10. Anonymous

    Love Bridget! Class act! I also have a girl crush on her

  11. Anonymous

    I think that Bridget could take some lessons in dignity from Elizabeth Hurley. Stephen Bing’s name never crosses her lips, and I’m sure that she’s asked about him. Given his mother’s self-respect and self-reliance, Damien Hurley will probably grow up to be a better man than Jack Moynahan.

  12. Anonymous

    Oh it’s the man-trapper. Next.

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