Bristol Palin: Mom is “Apprehensive” About Engagement

Now that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have announced their engagement, how does mama Sarah Palin feel about it?

“She’s apprehensive and concerned about this. She doesn’t want to see me get hurt again,” Bristol tells Us.

This is the 19-year-old’s second engagement to Levi. They called it off the first time just two weeks after welcoming their son Tripp in December 2008. Bristol told the magazine that she broke the news over the phone to her mother after giving the interview and doing the photo shoot. She admits, “My mom is not 100 percent backing us up right now.”

Time will tell to see if Sarah will come around.

She knew Levi and I had been talking, but she wanted to know if Levi was really sincere about this,” says Bristol. “I told her we were working on our relationship for Tripp, and she told me, ‘Actions speak louder than words.’ She’s going to wait to see if he changes… But she’s just glad he is getting on the right path. She knows how much Tripp means to me, and she wants Tripp to have a father figure.

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If I were her mom, I wouldn’ t exactly be backing this 100% considering their past history and the fact that they sold their story to a tabloid before telling their own family. But we all know Bristol and Levi are in it to get as much cash off this as they can.


I would think her self-righteous mom would want her unwed teenage parent kid to make her grandson “legitimate.” But iI guess I am reading too much into Sara Palin who herself is a total quagmire!