Jennifer Garner & The Stroller Sisters

Alias star Jennifer Garner, accompanied by a nanny, took her two daughters – Violet, 4 1/2, and Seraphina, 1 1/2 – for a stroll in New York City on Wednesday (July 21).

The Affleck sisters chilled in the double stroller while mom shopped around Williams Sonoma.

We’ve seen Jen and her girls all over town recently! Jen is in the Big Apple filming her latest flick, Arthur, alongside Helen Mirren and Russell Brand.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Sue

    Pix 1 – Alias flashback!! 🙂

    Pix 2 – Sera & Violet holding hands…Auwww! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    How can Jen look so pregnant one day and so not the next? That pic of her without her shirt in the store really shows a baby bump.

    The fact that they bought a new double stroller might indicate a new little Affleck is on the way, because Violet’s little legs are so to long for it. lol

    The girls are so beautiful.

    • Anna

      She doesn’t look pregnant in any of the photos. In the photo you mean she is just standing with a hollow back.

    • Anonymous

      She only “looks” pregnant to crazy people who have no understanding of human biology or what a normal person looks like.

  • Tazina

    I read she has seven projects in the works. If that’s the case I doubt she would be pregnant. Time to stop the stomach staring.

  • nanpan

    She’s not pregnant. She stopped nursing, gained weight. It’s normal to have a poochy tummy after you’ve had children. If she were pregnant, she’d be getting bigger, and she’s really not. The double stroller is obviously because Violet doesn’t like to walk (hence the reason she is often being held).

  • Anonymous

    In NYC a lot of 4 and 5 year olds are in strollers. If you’ve ever walked on the streets you’d understand why. Little kids would get mowed down.
    In January, Julia Roberst made a rather witchy comment to Jen when she commented “you look rather thin” duirng a press conference (!) Jen said, I’m nursing, when I stop I’ll plump up again, and Julia said “We’ll watch for that” like she didn’t believe her. I actually think Jen looks great at just this weight and hope all the blog comments don’t make her lose weight.

  • Hanh

    Violet is a little too old for a stroller and being carried, I think.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, she is. It’s not just in NYC, it’s everywhere that she is carried or put in a stroller. She is going on 5 years old!!! She should be walking everywhere and if she doesn’t want to, she should be made to. Jen is encouraging dependency and laziness by giving into her. She sucked on a binky until she was almost 4 years old in the car!! Kids need boundaries.

      • Anonymous

        my son is 4 and still gets carried / strollered around. mainly bcoz I also have a 2 year old, so he gets jealous at times..

        to each, his/ her own style of parenting.. i’m sure she’s doing the best she can.

      • Anonymous

        Give me a break!!! She’s only 4!!! Tons of kids are tried at the end of a long day of shopping and traveling. Heidi Klum uses a stroller for all her kids still!!

        • Anonymous

          We are not discussing Heidi Klum. Stay on topic, please!

  • Peta

    Considering that people have been seeing a ‘bump’ for over a year, don’t you think she would have delivered by now? She’s almost 40; she’s probably a little pudgy from her pregnancy with Seraphina.

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t celebrities take their kids out without a nanny, like normal people do?

    • Lexie

      Erh, maybe because normal people aren’t followed by tons of paps everytime they go for a stroll? People here really seem to be rather stupid w/the nanny, baby bump, stroller thing..

  • Anonymous

    She needs a nanny with for just two kids????? Wow.
    Looks like Jen reads these blogs, she got a twin stroller like someone mentioned she needed! Crazy

    • Anonymous

      Yep, she is such a great mom, she can’t even handle two kids without a nanny, an assistant, her publicist, a bodyguard. Please, people, you are all gullible thinking she is a do-it-all herself mom.

      The big kid should be walking. She’s lazy.

  • Anonymous

    I think people who comment on this woman and hope to make an effect in her life are a bunch of idiots. You are spending far too much energy on saying what she’s doing wrong and what is wrong with every picture. Have you ever thought that if you stop paying attention to her there would be less pictures of her? She has a nanny big whoop, she is also spending endless hours on set and this is a way that her kids are cared after by someone who is trained on taking care of kids and who loves those kids while she isn’t there. If you’re a working mom you have to understand the feeling that your not spending time with your kids enough or being a part of their life is eased with having a nanny who you can trust and care for your kids.
    I think if you all stop and look at the difference between her life and yours you’ll see that she is a celebrity who has people following her and a busy schedule and because her celebrity comes from something she loves to do she’s not going to give it up for the lot of you who think she is doing things wrong.

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