Lil Wayne’s Exes Unite For Kids’ Sake

The four different mothers of Lil Wayne‘s four children organize regular family activities so the incarcerated rapper’s children can get to know their siblings.

The Lollipop rapper is currently serving a one-year prison sentence for weapons possession. Antonia ‘Toya‘ Carter, Wayne’s ex-wife and mother of his first child, daughter Reginae, reveals she works together with his ex-girlfriends to make sure their kids keep in contact.

We kind of always get together to keep the kids together so they can know each other,” Toya said. “The situation is not ideal but at this point it is what it is and we try to make the best of it.”

Wayne is also dad to three sons. He welcomed Neal with singer Nivea in November 2009, son Lennox with actress Lauren London in September 2009 and a third, unidentified woman gave birth to Dwayne Carter III in 2008.

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  • HLBronson

    First poster hit the nail on the head.
    It’s wonderful what the moms are doing for the kids though, kudos to them!

  • Heart

    I mean really…what else could they do? The kids are here and he was obviously “bangin” some of them at the same time so..they might as well “get along”. I’m sure having access to some money doesn’t hurt either…no body wants to jepordize that “lifestyle” I’m sure, HA!

  • Anonymous

    Who in their right mind would even sleep with this idiot in the first place? It has to be for money because he is disgusting!

    • Cydney and Payton

      Firstt off, you need to fuck off. and leave lil wayne alone. K.? you dont even know him and your already judgeing himm. He never did anything to you so stop being sucha lil bitchh.

    • Anonymous

      fuck u bitch he is hella hot ur just jelous because he would never sleep with u NASTY SLUt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mslewis

    Whether it was for money or because of love, at least the women care about the children. That can’t be a bad thing for their babies.

  • Anonymous

    He looks VERY lil – haha! He is gross!

    • Cydney and Payton

      Uhh.. no he is not. you just need to quit your shit and stop judgeing people.. you dont know him so you need to just fuckk off. you nasty lil motherfuckerr. k. k?

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe that he got 2 women pregnant in the same year! What a dirty pig!

    • Cydney and Payton

      Well.. for your information, he cant help if girls think hes sexyy. and so you just need to shut up. youve probably fucked with everybodyy. so backk off. lil bitchh.

  • Janna

    This man is living proof that there are women who sleep with someone ONLY because of the size of their wallet.

    What else could it be? His pants half hanging off? His stellar vocabulary? His striking good looks? His ability to carry a conversation?

    Uh, no.

    • Cydney and Payton

      Fuckk Off Janna., nobody likes you anyways.. so just stop judgeing people and get a fucking life. k. k? your probably all miserable in your own life, so you just go around making everybody else feel badd. your probably just jealous bc you cant get lil wayne.. hes to hot for you. mhmm we all knoww. get it? got it. good.!

  • Lioness

    I thought this was a post about what the mothers were doing, rather the actions of Lil Wayne? Granted, it probably isn’t the smartest move to get pregnant by Lil Wayne (unless you have a lot of patience), but the moms are doing a good thing with this for the kids- which is a positive. I consider it similar to a polygamy, and I’m definitely not going to judge. Good for them, I wish them all the best.

  • Anonymous

    Janna, I burst out laughing when I read your comment. I could not agree more. What woman in her right mind would even sleep with this guy?

    • Cydney and Payton

      You lil motherfucker.. you need to calm down and get a life and not be judgeing people by the way they look. he cant help hes sexyy. it just kindaa happenedd. so just fuckk off.. bitchh.

  • antigoniem

    Weezy and Diddy are two of a kind. Both got two women pregnant at the same time and neither of them can keep a woman any longer than a year (with the exception of Toya, Reginae’s mother and Weezy’s ex-wife). The only good thing is that all of the mothers get along for the sake of the children.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t really care that much aboutother people’s personal lives, but I do find it hilarious that you have so much negative to sat, yet you know ao much about his personal life!! Haha. Everytime you google him, listen to his songs, or anything in reference to him, you’re paying for his kids bc that’s monwy in his pocket! Duh!!

  • Jack109

    I do the same thing for my daughter and her half brother. His mom and I were cordial with each other at first but then we actually became really good friends. I was even in her wedding when she married her new husband. I have seen and heard of a lot of drama between babies momma’s and its dumb; its not about you its about your children being able to have a relationship with their siblings. Its nice to know that other moms do this too!

  • Cydney and Payton

    Okay, so all u peoplewho this he is gross and stuff r verrrrry wrong and u guys need to shut up and stop blabbing about someone u dont knoww! He is hot so dont judge people! k? k…. Get it. Got it. GOOD!

    • Anonymous

      seriously? are you related to him? is this really an issue for you??

      people are entitled to their opinions. is he sleeping with you? do you have a child by him? damn- dick riding lil wayne

  • Shiit talka!!!

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  • Anonymous

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  • crazy bitch

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  • D.rhone

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