Michael Lohan Proud Of Daughter In Court

Lindsay Lohan’s estranged father, Michael Lohan, was present Tuesday morning (July 20) as his daughter was taken to jail, despite his daughter’s wishes that she not being anywhere near her.

According to ContactMusic, Michael yelled “I love you Lindsay” as she was escorted away in handcuffs after the pre-jail hearing.

“I’m actually proud of the way Lindsay handled it,” he told reporters outside court, admitting he was surprised she didn’t have a breakdown. He also remains convinced that his 24-year-old daughter should be headed to rehab, not behind bars, saying “Get her off drugs first, then put her in jail”.

The Mean Girls star is expected to serve only 13-days of her 90-day sentence for parole violation.

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  1. LollyBlue

    Proud of what, Michael? That she showed up late (AGAIN!) or proud that she didnt send the judge an F U message on her fingernail again? Which one—or, is it both things I mentioned?

  2. Brad

    Michael Lohan is a scumbag piece of crap. What a loser!! He should just stay the hell away and let his daughter heal (if she will)

  3. Torrie

    Michael Lohan needs to leave his “MEAL TICKET” daughter alone, stop using Lindsay’s hardships for HIS personal gain, and crawl under a rock where he belongs!!!

  4. J.E.B.

    Michael is proud of his daughter? For what? Being a spoiled, arrogant, drug-abusing, alcoholic? She’s the way she is because Michael and Dina are enablers to Lindsay! They have the WORST parenting skills I’ve ever seen!

  5. Anonymous

    Boy, is this father a complete fool! Yeah, he must be proud that she is a druggie – alcoholic- sex addicted–it all goes together. No wonder his daughter is screwed up. He is supposed to be the role model. You, the father should be proud because you supposedly raised her. Some role model you are! Don’t have enough damn sense to raise her the right way…no wonder the youth in this time is going to be lost in a trash pile.. This TRUTH WILL HURT> IF IT DOESN’T THEN YOU ARE TO BE PITIED. I feel much more fortunate than you ever could, as I have never experienced this kind of crap. and I have children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. No damn drugs. period. We have too much pride to stoop so low…

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