Simon Cowell To Start Family With Fiancée

Simon Cowell is reportedly really for fatherhood. The 50-year-old The X Factor creator has reportedly agreed to fiancée Mezhgan Hussainy’s desires to have a baby, despite his earlier apprehensions about starting a family.

According to a friend of the make-up artist, Mezhgan is “not prepared to wait much longer” and wants to being trying to conceive in the very near future. “She said last week that she will start trying before the end of the year and that Simon is up for it,” adds the friend.

The couple had originally planned for a summer wedding but have since delayed their plans. Mezhgan, however, is determined to have children as soon as she can.

“Simon doesn’t want to rush into a summer wedding,” the friend tells Closer magazine. “So Mezhgan wants to move on to the next big project, which she says is becoming a mum.”

Mezhgan thinks he’ll be a great dad, but she’s worried he might change his mind about wanting a baby as he was so anti the idea before.

Simon and Mezhgan, who became engaged in February, met on the set of American Idol.

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Yeah. I dunno. If he’s not that interested in a baby, why bother having one with him? Screams desperation for Mezhgan there. He’s not even willing to set a date for a wedding. Fatherhood is an even bigger commitment – how is that going to work? Some women are delusional.


OMG … Do we really have to be subjected to the news of any mini t.v. participant and ‘girlfriend’ wanting to start having a baby … ‘they’re ready’ Give me a Break before I throw up.


Didn’t Simon say something like, “I’m sure the world doesn’t want another one of me.” some years back? Anyway, I’ll take anything a ‘friend’ says to a tabloid with a grain of salt.


Simon forget about the marriage it is not going to work for u


never see this only my life muslim gril she want baby bf get merriage? df simon she no love you she love the good life big house nice cars.


someone looking for money good life when find forget the boyfriend age?


This isn’t going to last and bringing a baby into it is not a good idea. She just wants the good life and she will do anything to get there……….since Simon doesn’t want to get married yet she will do the next best thing to secure herself a comfortable life……..financially speaking of course!!!!!!!! Nice muslim girl she is. Simon don’t be fooled! She obviously has NO morals!


Your comments are so true!