Tiffani Thiessen On Motherhood, Her C-Section Birth

Saved by the Bell alum Tiffani Thiessen and her husband Brady Smith welcomed their first child, daughter Harper, five weeks ago. The 36-year-old new mom recently opened up about her complicated labor and how she’s adjusting to motherhood.

Harper was delivered by Cesarean section after 30 hours of labor in a Los Angeles hospital. The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star admits the tiring process was “very surreal.”

First my water didn’t break; they had to do it for me,” Tifanni says. “Then the baby wasn’t descending, because the cord was wrapped around her neck. Once she was finally out, I didn’t even get to hold her before they whisked her away. You’re staring across the room, like, ‘Hello? Over here!’ The whole thing was very surreal.”

Tiffani went on to say that home life with her daughter has been much less dramatic and she’s still marveling at her bundle of joy.

“She sleeps anywhere from three to four hours at a time at night, which is not bad,” the new mom says. “It’s a lot of work. This is a kind of love that you never really knew about. You haven’t known this person for very long, but you love them so much.”

A few months ago, Tiffani discussed her hopes for a natural birth: “I’m going to give a Girl Scout effort to hypno-birthing. I’m really excited about it.”

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  • Courtney

    Uh first labors are usually long to begin with and the baby having the chord wrapped around her neck isn’t abnormal either it happens in 25% of births. congrats to Tiffani and Brady on their beautiful little girl.

  • Anonymous

    Tiffani is so pretty!

  • Anonymous

    What she describes is no reason for the hospital staff to have whisked her baby away without being held by her mother. How incredibly sad.

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