Christina Aguilera Is In Touch With Her Sexuality

Don’t expect sexy songstress Christina Aguilera to tone down her sometimes racy performances now that she’s a mom.

“It’s like telling a painter, ‘don’t paint nude women now that you’ve become a parent,'” the “Dirrty” singer tells Entertainment Tonight. “You still have to express yourself as a human being. Especially, I think as a woman, we’re so shamed of our sexuality … I have to keep in touch with myself as an artist and be able to express all sides of myself.”

Christina adds that when the time comes she’ll be comfortable talking about sex with her son Max, now 2, saying, “When you shame a subject like sexuality, that’s when you raise the perverts.”

Though Christina’s new album Bionic is her first in several years, she’s been keeping very busy with both her career and child.

“The first year was touring, getting pregnant, living that out,” she says. “[Then I] took a year to do the mom thing, to feel what that’s really like … then I accepted the movie Burlesque and that was almost another year from the public eye, per say. So, there’s been a lot of work in the process.”

So could there be another baby on the way for Christina and her hubby Jordan Bratman sometime soon?

“For now, I’m so good with one!” she insists.

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  • Anonymous

    Yes, Christina, we know that you are in touch with your sexuality. You’ve only been talking about it for 5 years now. Time to think of something else to talk about.

  • 4Reel

    I like the painter reference. I wish reporters would ask her new stuff tho. Can we focus on what it’s like working with people like SIA, Goldfrapp, Tricky. Hello! We already know she loves being a wife and mother.

  • Anonymous


  • AnnieMouse

    If you’re sexual, you’re sexual. That’s great, but it makes it seem like you’re trying to sell it just a bit too much because you talk about it so often. Just be it and quit talking about it. We that love you still will, and those that don’t still won’t. Just live like you want and quit worrying about it (which is what defending yourself makes it look like you’re doing)! WE LOVE YOU and your sexuality for that matter!

  • StopWithKid&MomStory

    Christina please stop talking about: being a mom, your sexuality, how you have been doing this for over a decade (when u took years off in between) and stop referring the new batch of female chart Toppers as “New Comers” in an attempt to place you aabove them. You are losing fans quickly!

  • Anonymous

    She can talk about sexuality all she wants. She’s hot and hot women should be praised for keeping it together. Also, these girls are new comers. Christina even calls herself a newcomer to the acting profession and when she was one on the music scene she was also stating that she was a newcomer. Fact is fact, ya’ll need to accept it.

  • Anonymous

    she is SO funny! I love her! haha shunning sexuality = perverts! ha! best quote ever

  • Jessie

    I agree with almost all of the comments above. The only thing you ever hear her talk about is her sexuality, vague references to her child, and how her father was abusive. She has a lot of talent and should just sing and skip interviews!

  • anonymous

    Bionic is a really good cd! I believed her when she got Dirrty, but that whole gimmicky, overly sexed thing has been done sooo much that people are sick of it. Sure, she looks great, but the music should speak for itself. She might just be her own worst enemy when it comes to marketing. She should do what makes her happy, but for someone that says she`s a woman who wears many hats, why does she only show 1? Maybe she`ll get her shit together for the next album. Great, great talent, though.

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