Katie Price & Her Little Princess

British glamour model Katie Price was spotted leaving the May Fair Hotel with her 3-year-old daughter Princess Tiaamii in London, England on Thursday (July 22). Katie – who is married to former Hollyoaks actor Alex Reid – carried her iPhone with cover that says ‘I love ALEX.’

Katie is also mom to sons Harvey, 8, and Junior, 5. Harvey’s biological father is Katie’s ex-boyfriend, former footballer Dwight Yorke, while Princess and Junior’s dad is Katie’s ex-husband Peter Andre.

Andre recently spoke out on being kept from visiting his step-son, Harvey, with whom he raised while married to Katie Price. “It’s been over two months and I’m missing so much… Kate doesn’t want me to see him until I have a specially qualified nanny she approves of.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Hanh

    Seriously? Princess Tiaamii? Yeah, that child isn’t going to grow up so full of herself.

    Katie sounds very controlling to Andre. He can see his son because he has rights, but to see his stepson he has to have a special nanny? Katie is being a douche.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t like Katie at all, and I do feel bad for Andre but she says he needs a special nanny in order to see him because he is a special needs child.

  • Anonymous

    Pete can see Harvey as long as Katie brings the child to him, as he really needs special care and I agree that Pete should get a qualified nanny. Things are really not the way the paps and the press make them look.

  • AnnieMouse

    I just can’t get over her hair!! I wonder what Katie’s hair is really like since Pete is dark haired and hers is “dark” (dyed?). What gorgeous blond curls?! All 3 of her babies are adorable!

  • Anonymous

    My god, i just can’t get over those humongous breasts!

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me, or is Princess wearing mascara? And yeah, those breasts are gigantic!

    • Anonymous

      That’s exactly what I thought \:

  • Suzy

    Pete has a qualified nanny whom Jordan and her mother have approved. Now she’s thought up another barrier to his seeing Harvey. She’s just using Harvey to try to get access to Pete, or to hurt him if he refuses. If she wanted to talk to him she should have done it while they were married – or at least before they were formally divorced and she married another bloke – twice! It’s too late now. Seems likely they’ll never, ever. meet again in this life, which is sad, but is a direct result of her awful behaviour to him. She should apologise abjectly and attempt to start again if she wants any sort of relationship with him. But she won’t – because she’s never in the wrong, in her head anyway! And Reid is fanning the flames, of course. Awful man.

  • Suzy

    Also meant to say that Pete and Kate’s children are absolutely beautiful and seem really good fun. It’s a great pity they never had any more – and now never will. So truly sad.

    • Lioness

      Not sad if they can’t get along…

  • Sophia

    Whenever Princess is with Katie she looks like she’s wearing mascara. She probably is, considering who her mother is. She a stunning little girl though. Her curls are amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Um…. she’s 3 and still uses a paci? Sorry, couldn’t resist noting that. Otherwise, I have no idea who that woman is. British celeb?

  • Lioness

    Princess is such a little beauty- she’s got Katie’s eyes, but the rest of her face is all Daddy. And those curls! Very pretty little girl indeed 🙂

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