Will Smith & His Madrid Premiere Pals

They’re bringing the movie to the world! The Smith family posed for photographers at the Madrid, Spain premiere of The Karate Kid on Wednesday (July 21). Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith – who co-produced the film – smiled alongside their two kids, Jaden, 12, and Willow, 9, and their friend Jackie Chan.

Prior to the premiere, the showbiz family visited La Casa de Correos, the city’s historic post office building.

Jaden, who’s becoming quite the Hollywood star, recently said his A-list papa taught him how to kiss for the big screen.

My dad said, ‘Don’t kiss with your mouth open, you’re definitely too young for that!’ I’m good at kissing, so it wasn’t as challenging as it could’ve been had I not had previous experience.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin / Fame / INFdaily.com

  • Anonymous

    Enough already of this family! Jaden is an obnoxious punk! Look at him standing there with his arms crossed!

    • mhm90

      100% agree! I cant stand this family anymore.

      • Torrie


  • chloe

    Oh man, bring on all the same-old hateful and jealous (and racist) comments about this family, all from the same two or three readers who seem to have nothing better to do but make fun of Jaden and the rest of them. (OMG, look at him CROSSING HIS ARMS!! Who does he think he is??!)

    Get over it.

    If it really bugs you that CBS is posting news of this family, just skip past these posts. Or, even better, find a baby celebrity site that only posts news of while celeb families. CBS is not going to stop posting entries about the Smiths just because you whine every time you are “forced” to read about them.

    In my opinion, at least these photos are taken with explicit permission of the family members. What drives me crazy are the postings with photos of parents and children who obviously do not want their photos to be taken by aggressive and obnoxious photographers. The Afflecks clearly do not to face a crowd of paparazzi yelling at their daughters every time they try to pick up Violet from school, but when websites and magazines purchase and publish the intrusive photos, it only feeds the paps more.

    • Gretchen

      Chloe, why are you mentioning racist comments if there is no any? What actually bothers you? People have right to express their different opinion. You said: “If it really bugs you that CBS is posting news of this family, just skip past these posts.” If the fact that people do not share your opinion bugs you – do not read other comments. I personally do not like this kids being overexposed in media and trying too hard to impose themselves as stars. Yes, these are dying for to be seen and photographed. Like it or not – they are annoying.

  • Anonymous

    These kids look like total punks. Acting like they are the s***. Who toaught them how to pose like that? Their parents always look so beautiful and sweet-ironic as I have no respect for parents who allow their kids to go into show biz. I see a bad future in store for them when they have no career as adults.

  • Anonymous

    Chole-where do you see ANYTHING REMOTELY RACIST in any of these postings? I think all of us who posted did so based on the attitudes of these kids, not their color! Get over yourself! People like you who cry racist at something like this cry wolf. You do not get any respect or empathy that way!

    • Anonymous

      I tend to agree with Chloe. What other reason could there be for the constanting complaining about these kids? They are working at their chosen profession and posing on the red carpet is part of their jobs (Willow is supporting her brother doing the premiere of his *successful film).

      Jaden is expressing himself just as any kid his age doing same thing would do. I see other kids (non-black) doing press and never have I seen such an outpouring of hateful comments directed toward them. They are not causing harm to anybody and I’ve seen interviews of them and saw no disrespect aimed at adults or any others. Get over already, entertainment arena is full of lots of talented black kids and they will be in your face. Welcome to the real world people.

  • Anonymous

    OMG – those kids look like such little brats!! Who can look at the photo and think “Oh they look so sweet and innocent…”? Yuck.

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah…if people don’t like this family they’re obviously racisit. (Insert huge eyeroll here.) I can’t stand Tom Cruz, guess that means I hate white people too, or maybe just short Scientologists? You know, sometimes people just plain dislike people and it has nothing to do with race. I think Willow and Jaden are adorable kids who are obviously talented. Do I think a 9 year old needs to be recording an album? No. I think children should be encouraged to develop their talents and then, when they’re older, they should be encouraged to pursue those talents. Why the rush to have these two kids do everything NOW!? What’s next, Jaden’s new TV series?? Willow on Broadway?? They better hurry up, they’re not getting any younger!

  • Anonymous

    I am also sick of this family and their arrogance. I am basing this on every interview I have seen. They also seem very phony and always “on” – they must be horrible to deal with in real life!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care if this family is black, white, purple or green – they are OBNOXIOUS! Jaden is an arrogant punk!

  • Tiffany

    If ALL of u are so tired of this family then stop commenting U Idiots….probably the same ignorant one’s, not racist, just ignorant who keep posting something every time they see a post of them. Did ever stop to think that their poses could represent how exhausted (arms folded) they are from touring and taking pics. And shit….let the pose how they want…what’s wrong with feeling like you’re the shit…..HATERS!!!!……LOL!

    • mhm90

      Take a breather. Jeez. And I doubt they are “exhausted”. 😛

    • Anonymous

      I wasn’t aware that you couldn’t comment unless it was going to be sugar oozing – butt kissing rubish. Huh…..good to know. ;P

  • Tiffany

    And I have to add….@ one of the Anonymous….how r they posing that is so out of the Ordinary…I mean arms crossed, leg out and hands to the side…what’s the big deal. Oh….wait forgive them for not posing like Abigail Breslin or Dakota Fanning….sorry I could think of an example of any other famously wealthy BLack teens:)

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm…that picture on the balcony is very telling, I think. Jaden looks unbelievably sad in that picture…maybe the posing on the red carpets is just an act, a character, a mask. Maybe the sad little boy is the reality.

    Or maybe he’s just a brat. I don’t really know…and neither do any of you. The thing to remember is that this CHILD is ELEVEN, and his little sister is only NINE. It’s not right to name-call and bully them (even they never see what you wrote, it’s still bullying)…criticize the parents all you want (and I have!), but I’m sorry, the kids are off limits.

    Just my two cents.

  • Anonymous

    obnoxious family! so sick of them!

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t understand all of the animosity towards this kid and his family. This kid has not only starred in one of the more successful summer movies this year but has starred in a movie that I can actually take my kids to. His movie made more money than movies made by seasoned Hollywood stars (ie Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz). Part of being an actor is promoting your movies. This means walking the red carpet and posing for cameras, which is what he is doing. Why is everyone so upset that he dared to cross his arms? Every actor has a signature pose and perhaps this is his. This kid earned his success albeit with help from his family–that’s how Hollywood works. Nepotism got him a movie but his talent will be what will ultimately sustain him. Jaden seems like a nice kid. He is articulate, well-mannered, and intelligent. I have never seen him behave poorly. His interviews are sometimes awkward but I am not sure if someone his age has the same poise that an adult has. I think he is at that awkward age–too old to be cutesy when doing an interview but too young to be witty.

    I find the Paris Hiltons of the world more repulsive, who are self-entitled, vapid, and immoral (sex tapes, drunk driving, partying 24/7, etc). This is not who I want my kids to look up too and unfortunately this is the kind of “celebrity” that Hollywood promotes (ie jersey shore kids, Lindsay Lohan, Brittany Spears, Miley Cyrus, etc).

    I actually like Jaden’s style–it’s young and fresh. Willow on the other hand is an example of someone with more money than taste. She’s like a 5 year old playing dress up so I will cut her some slack. I think the only small criticism that I have concerns Willow. It kind of bothers me that she is on the red carpet signing autographs. I don’t think she has earned that right yet. I understand the family travelling together and supporting their son/brother. I am just not sure that she needs to be treated like a celebrity when she isn’t one. But this is a complicated situation since celebrity families often pose on the red carpet together and there may be some jealously when one child is showered with attention while the other is not.

    My final thought is this….there are a lot of dysfunctional Hollywood families and I don’t think this family is anywhere near dysfunctional. They are just a little overexposed…but I am not sure if that is there fault. I think it’s more the result of the paparazzi culture where every action you make is captured on film and posted on websites like this one…lol…

    • Anonymous

      You had the most long-winded ever but I can’t help but stand up and applaud you. Stop be so hard on kids, they are doing something positive and and obviously enjoying it or I don’t think Will and Jada would would be supporting them.

      They are there guiding them along the way and not leaving them on their own like Britney Spear’s and Lindsey Lohan’s parents did.

      I also see the point made by the person who sees racism as a factor. What else would instill such hostile responses to these kids’ red carpet personna.

  • Francesca

    Nooooooo! lol

  • Marta

    to the looooonnnnnnggggg poster: well said!

  • Rings

    I agree with most comments here. It looks like Will and Jada are using their kids to expand their own PR. I guess they don’t have to worry anymore about getting their own movies done since they have their own kids doing it now so more PR time galore. Yeah, that’s how i see it, and with that it makes them looks pretty annoying now cause they’re everywhere, all the time. When it’s not Jada, is Will, or Jaden, and soon Willow.

    What is wrong? Really nothing, but it IS annoying to see them, almost 24/7.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the long poster and I do believe this hostility towards KIDS, has something to do with race as well, I have seen many non black children whom are celebrities, like Suri Cruise have somewhat overdone posing, everyone always says how cute she is, oh how sweet, and if that’s not an overexposed family, idk what is….

    I think its really wrong to talk about KIDS like this, they are children! They are not adults, and for me the posters who said such derogatory things about kids have a lot of screws loose. Who talks about kids like that? Sheesh………..

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