Accusing Photos Leave Billie Piper Fuming

Billie Piper has infuriated anti-smoking campaigners after photographs of her puffing on a cigarette near her 21-month-old son Winston surfaced online. Billie, her husband Laurence Fox, and another couple were enjoying a day out in a pub garden in London this week when the snaps were taken. In the published photos, a cloud of smoke surrounds her toddler’s head.

A spokesperson for The Secret Diary of a Call Girl star insists that the pictures are “misleading” and sent out this statement:

Billie is a responsible parent who values her child’s health above all else. Though a smoker, she is careful to only do so outside and with consideration to those around her. Due to the angle from which it is taken, the picture is misleading. It does not give a true sense of perspective in relation to the proximity of her son.”

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Photo credit: Flynet Pictures

  • Tazina

    Right. They were smoking around the baby and the picture says it all – “a cloud of smoke surrounds her toddler’s head.” Can you say “irresponsible parents.” I wonder if they smoke inside their vehicle and the house too with their child sucking in the fumes? And please don’t say it’s not harmful because it is.

  • Anonymous

    There is no such thing as a ‘responsible smoker’. At the very least, she is kiling her baby’s mother. And she’s got to stink like butts while she’s doing it.

    Sorry for the rant…not a fan of smoking.

  • Anonymous

    YUCK! I hate smoking!

  • mslewis

    What’s “misleading” about the photo? It is what it is. This woman, and probably the other people with her, were smoking around a toddler. No manner how many statements come from her PR people, those are the facts. Secondly, the baby was in the garden of a PUB where others were smoking. That is about as irresponsible as a mother can get and I hope this woman suffers many, many slings and arrows from the public because of her actions.

    Another thing . . . don’t tell me she doesn’t smoke around her son at home because if she smokes with him in public then she definitely does at home. Plus, she probably smells like a dirty ashtray. What an idiot.

  • Anna

    I just don’t understand that there are still people that smoke in developed countries. We have all been educated about the health risks since primary school. So why?

    • Anonymous

      I wonder the same thing as well. I also think this way about eating junk food and obesity too (and feeding kids too much junk). But I guess it’s about choice…not a choice I would make though.

  • a

    Look. Smoking is not healthy. Period.

    But, damn. How did I make it past 30? I’ve cut my own hair, written on myself, gone barefoot alot, sucked my thumb until I was seven, ate honey, started semi-solids at 3 months and my mom smoked and drank during her two pregnancies.

    [sarcasm] It’s a good thing, too. I know smoking causes early and underweight babies. With both babies 10 days late and one 8lbs., 10oz. and the other 8lbs., 8oz, I can’t imagine what would’ve happened had she not smoked. We’d still be in there![/sarcasm]

  • Alice

    I’m glad you and your sibling did not suffer any health effects from your mom smoking, but your situation is a rare one. My dad died from smoking when I was a kid, but would you try to tell me that smoking doesn’t kill because your 80-year-old grandpa has smoked since he was 15 and he’s still alive? The fact is, there are a few people who get lucky, but the majority doesn’t.

    It blows my mind that people still smoke, and especially people with kids.

    • a

      I believe I said it was not healthy. I don’t, however, believe my situation is rare. I am very sorry about your dad, I had an (non-smoking) uncle who died from metastasized lung cancer.

      Like I said, smoking is UNHEALTHY. Period.

      In point of fact though, my smoking grandparents died at 81 and 83 and my great-grandpa was a mine worker who smoked unfiltered cigarettes from age 15 and he died at 87.

      • ivy2

        i know someone who got hit by a train and lived, that doesnt mean it’s ok to jump in front of a train.
        of course there are situations where smoking doesn’t have a big impact on a persons health, but you don’t need to defend it.
        sounds like you might have some issues of guilt, maybe about smoking around your kids? hopefully they’ll be among the lucky few who aren’t affected by it.

        • a

          Again, I wasn’t defending smoking. I was making an example of my experience and was asked a question and answered.

          >>sounds like you might have some issues of guilt, maybe about smoking around your kids?<< Thank you for that diagnosis and refreshing lack of baseless accusations, Ivy. Oddly enough, I do not feel guilty about smoking around my daughter (also an Ivy). I suppose that could be because my husband I are strongly devout Mormons and neither of us have ever smoked, let alone around our daughter. I am, however, having some serious issues of guilt for allowing my child to share a name with someone who can't allow a simple discussion to happen without innuendo and derogatory insults aimed at someone who may not share your personal convictions 100%.

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