Christina Milian & The-Dream Battle Over Split

Just one week after news broke that The-Dream filed for divorce from wife Christina Milian nine-days before their daughter Violet‘s birth, Milian has filed her own petition, in hopes to have the original documents thrown out of court.

TMZ is reporting that in new court documents Milian has claimed that the couple were not actually split at the time the original papers were filed and the two had “marital relations on numerous occasions.”

She also said that if the courts grant the divorce, it is not because the relationship was “irretrievably broken,” but because The-Dream had been unfaithful.

Milian also said that both she and The-Dream signed a settlement agreement, which “waved any alimony or ownership right’s to the other person’s property.” She claimed that she was “in no condition” to sign the documents, but did as she was 9-months-pregnant at the time, and The-Dream brought them to her bedside.

The two were married in September of 2009.

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Photo credit: Splash News

  • Anonymous

    What a name “The Dream”. Sounds more like a nightmare to me. Way to be a man!!!

  • Anonymous

    dream your a JERK! LOSER!

  • April

    This is all over money and it should be about the baby now Christina. you are really showing your shallow side

    So when your pregnant you can’t read??? Hmmm…well that explains everything. What a load…

    I guess it’s now well proven that women aren’t capable of managing their own affairs and the courts have affirmed that fact. Men need to keep that in mind when dealing with women. When push comes to shove women are more than willing to claim complete incompetence if it gets them the money. Probably why she got pregnant in the middle of all this. It’s all about the money.

  • Anonymous

    She’s too pretty for him anyway, he’s a super clown, he sings and try to be tough at the same time, nigga be 4 real,

  • Anonymous

    April come on girl where is the support here? its not about money and so what if its about money? she derseves dream’s money after carrying his baby for nine mnths, anyway christina is more than capable of making her own cash. thruth be told the dream is just a duche bag and he should pay child support for his daughter ain’t no body force him to get christina preggers

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