Josh Turner & Wife Expecting Baby No. 3!

Congratulations to country crooner Josh Turner and his wife Jennifer, who are expecting their third child!

The Firecracker singer tells People that he knew his wife was pregnant even before she did, saying he had to convince her to take a test.

“She did and it was negative, but I refused to believe it. So when she took another and told me she’s pregnant, all I could say was, ‘I told you!'”

The new baby, due early next year, will join big brothers Hampton, 3½, and Colby, 1. Josh says he is looking forward to having a full house.

“I come from big families – my momma was the oldest of three and my daddy was one of six – and I’ve always loved children,” he says. “They bring a lot of joy to the world and they make us adults look at things in a better way. So it’s a natural thing for me and Jennifer.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. Anonymous

    I love Josh Turner!!! I am so happy for him and his wife!!!!

  2. ivy2

    3 is a big family? i’d say 3 is average, 7 or 8 is big.

  3. Anonymous

    Hopefully Baby #3 does better in the name lottery.

  4. Francesca

    So happy for them! Love HIM! He could sing one baritone note in my ear and I’d instantly be pregnant! lol

  5. Anonymous

    Ivy2, in LA people thought I was insane for having three. My friend who has five was treated like the Duggers. I think it all depends on where you live. Out here in the midwest, yeah, three is average, five is still normal, only after six do people consider you in big family territory.

    I adore Josh Turner and wish him the very best.

  6. Nancy from PA

    Just heard Josh and Jennifer announce on the Today show that they’re expecting their third BOY!! Congratulations — you’ll surely have lots of fishing buddies, Josh!

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