Eddie Cibrian’s Kids Moving In With LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes is going to have to make room for toys in her Calabasas home because Eddie Cibrian and his two kids, Mason, 7, and Jake, 3, are moving in.

“Eddie and the kids are moving in with Leann to save money since Eddie lost his CSI job,” a source tells E! News. “Mason is moving into the dog’s old room, and Jake is moving into LeAnn’s office.”

Rimes’ Hidden Hills pad is only a few blocks away from Cibrian’s soon-to-be ex-wife Brandi Glanville’s home so the boys won’t have to travel far. Cibrian and Glanville share equal custody of the children.

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  • try more than one bedroom

    Eddie has made a lot of money from his career …and from CSI Miami…too..
    So why move in to her house.. Why can’t he get a condo in California..And
    what about his own house with his wife…The kids don’t have to move in
    with Eddie they can stay at their own home.. and visit ….So that Eddie
    can have the place to himself why give one child the dog room…and she
    has to give up her office for the other child I don’t think so.. have you ever
    seen her house ..They showed it on a celebrity house show and she has
    way more bedrooms than just one…when she was married to her husband

  • Anonymous

    Dog’s room? Seriously, are they kidding?

  • Cabos

    I know! one kid can sleep in the laundry room and the other with the dog to keep him company. Or they can also send them to shelters, as it seems they have “no other place” to put them. geez.

  • Anonymous

    Truly pathetic!

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t agree more – all of these posters are truly pathetic and know about as much about this situation as the rest of us – nothing. LeAnn and Eddie be happy with the kids.

  • Anonymous


    We know that Leann and Eddie are truly pathetic.

    We know plenty because LEANN keeps tweeting about.

    Of course Leann and Eddie are going to be “happy” with the kids, now when they face backlash they can use those kids ANYTIME they want. Do you suppose EC and LR sent that judge that gave him joint custody a Thank you note?

    LR is trying to outdo Dean. How strange that her moving in story follows Deans. Which is strange because LR has been tweeting about moving in with EC for how long now?

    Leann to Dean: “Now you take that DEANE, you are moving in with your girlfriend? Well I’m moving in with EC (you know because he is unemployeed, and even though he can’t pay child support doesn’t mind being spotted at Nobu. ) and his KIDS (the same kids that he said he didn’t want exposed to the media). So take that!!!!!That will show you to ever try to overshadow my great love romance with a man who loves my money so much that he breaks promises to his kids and I pay the media to ignore his lies and tell the public that we are in the “honeymoon phase” because my happiness is oh so more important than EC kids privacy and welfare. I can always make it up to them by tweeting about how much I love them, afterall, I am the virtue of honesty and truth. My divorce was a TOP STORY, I just didn’t pay YAHOO enough to include me on the list because I had to reward EC for allowing me to tweet about those kids he loves so much”.

  • Anonymous

    Why give the kid the dog’s room? The same reason Leann keeps encouraging EC to break promises to his kids because LR does not respect them or care about their welfare. Those kids are nothing but props to her.

    How strange that she wants to do things the right way NOW that Dean’s relationship overshadowed her great “romance”. Wouldn’t the time to do things right be NOT sleeping in a bed with the kids when neither one of their divorces was final and then tweeting about?

    She gave the kids the room, because she is on twitter once again talking about how she has to make room for EC and his kids.

  • Anonymous

    Based on Leann’s tweets, she and EC have been living together for quite some time. So this looks like it was just an attempt to either taunt BG or one up Dean.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, did she HAVE to say that the rooms the kids got had been the dog’s room and her office? In making this public, it sounds like she’s saying she holds them in contempt or something

  • Anonymous

    Same dumb a**** on here that post elsewhere. Each one has their own little story and everywhere you go to post, you see the same stories. Will somebody get original once in a while. Everbody is making such a big thing out of “the dog’s room.” Please, it is just another bedroom. Such ignorance is unbelievable.

  • Kathy

    @CBME how are you doing? Haven’t heard from you in awhile. I’m still dealing with my Dr. appts. every week.Being sick is no fun. I’m surprised at some of what you wrote. And the dogs room, so what, I’m sure they’re having it cleaned and that it’s a bigger room for Mason. The office for Jake id probably the right size for him too. And we know of course where the Lucky man EC gets to sleep. They really want to be together so why is everybody making such an issue of it? Let them be, it’s their life. Damn, it seems like those two can do nothing rigt for anyone. Well, my suggestion is for the constant complainers to just stop reading and writing then. Just a suggestion. GOOD LUCK EC & LR GOOD LUCK

    • Anonymous

      Uhm if you look at the posts in this thread, you will see that CBME name doesn’t appear in anywhere in this thread. So how do you know that the post was made by CBME?

      Did you forget that you didn’t write your name (CBME) on the post?
      So how funny that Kathy shows up writing a post to CBME when CBME didn’t even post her name.

      So what does that tell me, if KATHY is able to identify ANON posts as CBME when CBME doesn’t write her name on the post? That I have been right on the mark when I identify those “fans”(aka RACY, Kaylyn, merc, ashleed, irena, beth, kathy) as CBME.

      Everyone is making a big issue of it because LR is making a big issue of it. What couple has to validate their “romance” EVERY WEEK?

      Apparently the “lucky” man is downing tequila and cold medicine because he so miserable with LR, so he might be sleeping on the floor.

      Uhm it’s because they are not doing anything right. EC isn’t paying child support but he makes sure that he is seen at Nobu. That was smart. Leann is taking photos of EC kids and posting them on her twitter page, even smarter right? LR is calling EC kids her kids. That is really smart. EC and LR are the ones constantly shoving this down our throats. And why are you stalking BG? We saw all of those comments you made on her twitter account. That was smart, since EVERYONE knows that you have made those same comments over and over and over and over.

      EC and LR are the constant complainers. I mean LR says that what we say doesn’t have a bearing in her life and then she bombards the internet with all of this “EC loves her because…” stuff because the public said that EC is cheating on her.

      What luck do EC and LR have when you have to post under different names and you give yourself away. CBME didn’t even identify herself in this thread and so how did you know that CBME made the post?

  • Anonymous


    Yes, like the ignorance that makes you make several posts over and over about how people are posting the same thing ove and over even though we have seen you post the same things over and over?

    Leann leaked the info, so take it up with her. What don’t tell me she is upset because she didn’t get the reaction she was hoping for.

  • Kathy

    My mistake. It said anonomous and then CBME Do none of you not ever make a mistake? I ws reading fast at the time and that is what happenened. I apologize for the error.

    • Anonymous

      Oh please, a mistake where you reply to CBME whose name doesn’t even appear in the thread? And then you make even more excuses when someone points out your error. Is that also the same mistake that made you go to E and say that I called CBME Leann, when it was actually KATHY and Right on that I called Leann?

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  • Amy

    Awww. Charming. They move in together, and drag the kids along. Because, you know, kids are houseplants, and as long as Eddie and Lee Ann are happy, I guess everything is kosher, right?

    So, they’ll move in together, drag the kids around, back and forth between Mom and Dad’s houses, because they had to pursue their bliss…Wonder how it’ll all work out when they make THEIR OWN kids, and how Lee Ann will feel about EC’s kids invading their home when the rubber meets the road.

    I hope Lee Ann and EC are blissfully happy, until they split (when everything ceases to be romantic and passionate every minute of the day), and then their kids are once again torn up, caught between families, homes, and loyalties.

    But hey, as long as the grown ups are all “happy”, right?

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