Mel Gibson Requests Observer For Baby Visits

Mel Gibson wants to make sure he’s not seen as a dangerous dad. People reports that he has asked for an unbiased observer to watch over his visits with 9-month-old daughter Lucia.

Just over the weekend the observer, approved by the Department of Children and Family Services, looked on as Gibson was with his baby at the actor’s church.

“[The chapel] is a safe place for them to be together, run around, have fun and play,” a friend said.

Gibson is allowed unsupervised visits with Lucia but wanted to be monitored. Perhaps this action might help his side of the custody battle with ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva?

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  • Ainslee

    I can certainly see his point. Bruises could show up on the baby intentionally or otherwise, and Oksana could try and pin them on Mel. That red spot the baby had looked suspicious, not like a bruise certainly.

  • Anna

    He’s such a good christian….ugh surprised the church still lets him in!

  • Peta

    My sympathy, hopes and prayers are with the baby. Poor child deserves better than this in the first year of her life. 🙁

    That nut and his side-piece-turned-baby-mama can go elsewhere. >:/

  • Anonymous

    Anna, Christianity is about redemption so of course they would let a sinner in who is looking to find his way. It’s not a celebrity club with a bouncer who deems you worthy or not.

  • Anonymous

    Wtf is wrong with the American system? How can this kind of info “leak out” like police headshots ect. Are they official or what?
    The journalists in this country are a disgrace to report these kind of things instead of IMPORTANT MATTER, and they should respect the personal integrity of people.

  • Roggiep

    Mel Gibson’s recent comments have shocked us all – but why was he given a free pass for so long…?

    TV Host RENE SYLER weighs in with her take on Mel’s Meltdown….

  • jvmfan

    I think this is the “green dress”>>>Has anyone seen this Mel G. story covered on the show “Issues?” They have some experts on that have a very interesting perspective re Oksana. They are covering it all more tonight. Issues has been doing a very good job bringing up new angles

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