Book Review: Danica McKellar’s ‘Hot X: Algebra Exposed!’

The Wonder Years alum Danica McKellar is not only making headlines with her gorgeous baby bump, the 35 year old mom-to-be is also launching a new book!

Danica has already authored two New York Times bestselling books, Math Doesn’t Suck and Kiss My Math, which challenge us to look at the way we socialize our young girls: “Society teaches girls that they have to choose between being smart and being attractive,” Danica told Celebrity Baby Scoop. Her upcoming book, Hot X: Algebra Exposed!, hits the shelves on August 3rd and encourages girls aged 13-15 to excel at – and enjoy! – math.

As a female who has struggled with math my entire life, I was intrigued to peek through Danica’s books. Am I just not cut out for math? Surely a series of books written by my beloved Winnie could help?!

There’s definitely an ongoing theme – which I love! – throughout all three of her books: Excelling at math has very little to do with a natural gift. Back in my school days, if I missed even one math class or didn’t understand one step, I was absolutely lost. And forget about speaking up and asking the teacher to repeat/explain! Danica breaks it down into simple language, easy charts and point-form reminders every step of the way throughout Hot X: Algebra Exposed! And it’s not all about the numbers! It’s about finding your voice and faith in yourself.

Following in her lead, here’s some point-form highlights from Danica’s fabulous new book, Hot X: Algebra Exposed!, that I particularly loved:

  • Girls should be encouraged not to dumb themselves down for boys!
  • There are inspirational stories from young female adults who once struggled with math, but learned to overcome their struggles.
  • It encourages girls to keep a journal in order to find out who they are and what they love.
  • Danica teaches girls that giving up on math is simply too easy. “I’m here to tell you that giving up on ourselves because of our own stereotypes and limited imaginations is a far more destructive force than any challenge or obstacle ‘out there,'” Danica says in the book.
  • There are real-life examples of how to pick apart complex math equations.
  • Danica breaks down the meaning of math terms such as fractions, coefficients and variables. To me, these tables are invaluable. This is where I went wrong in math class. If I would’ve had tables/charts like this to refer to, I truly believe I would have done better.
  • There are easy-to-read chapters. You can skip ahead to what you need help with, or start from the beginning to get step-by-step directions.
  • Danica speaks the young female language: Fashion, boys, dreams for the future, etc.

Throughout all the wonderful teachings, Danica keeps it funky with quick tidbits on the side, cute cartoons and keeps it very reader-friendly. You won’t be faced with another boring math text!

A huge thank you to Danica for sharing her down-to-earth and sound advice. And not to mention, thanks for making math fun! What a concept!

Pick up your copy of Hot X: Algebra Exposed! after August 3rd.

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