Alison Sweeney: Ben Loves Michael Jackson, Megan Loves Lady Gaga

Alison Sweeney is one of the hardest working moms in Hollywood! She’s still shaking things as Sami on the longtime running soap opera, Days of our Lives, as well as hosting the popular weight loss show, The Biggest Loser. Alison is teaming up with Crest’s Summer of Sensitivity campaign and Feeding America to encourage healthy living and support the fight against hunger.

Alison and her hubby of 10 years, David Sanov, are proud parents to son Ben, 5, and daughter Megan, 1 1/2. The 33-year-old mom of two opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about fighting hunger and promoting well being, her two kids and how motherhood has changed her “on so many levels.”

CBS: Tell us about Crest’s Summer of Sensitivity campaign which will donate at least $100,000 to Feeding America.

AS: “The Crest® Pro-Health™ Sensitive Shield™, Summer of Sensitivity campaign is very close to my heart because it supports Feeding America – the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity. As part of the promotion, consumers are encouraged to ‘trade-up’ their sensitivity toothpaste for Crest Pro-Health – the ONLY leading toothpaste to protect against teeth sensitivity and all these other areas dentists check most: cavities, gingivitis, tartar, plaque, fresh breath and whitening.

Here’s the deal: for every tube of toothpaste that is ‘traded up’ between July 1, 2010 and September 1, 2010, Crest will donate 10 cents to the charity (guaranteed minimum donation of $100,000) to support the fight against hunger. I have learned how important it is to make your oral care a priority, just as I do my nutrition and exercise and I am thrilled to be partnering with Crest Pro-Health Sensitive Shield for this program.”

CBS: What are your thoughts on the food programs available to kids in the American school system? Are these programs helpful or hurtful to our youth?

AS: “Well, obviously, so many kids rely on the food in school systems. Too many kids are fighting hunger and that’s a statistic people don’t often think about. But we have to. Unfortunately, so many schools have extremely unhealthy food options. And no one is there guiding the children on how to choose healthy options. Its a balancing act with public school budgets, but there are healthy solutions, people just have to start focusing on that issue.”

CBS: Do you have any holiday plans this summer with your family? Do you get any time off Days Of Our Lives?

AS: “This summer I’m shooting both shows – they both tape year round, so I am hoping to squeeze in some mini-vacations on weekends. We’re shooting The Biggest Loser at Camp Pendelton this week, so I brought my family down for a 3 day weekend in Laguna which will be fun.”

CS: How has motherhood changed you?

AS: “On so many levels, I am different. My priorities and my dreams are all focused now on giving my kids the best. By that I mean being the best mom I can be, giving them a great start in the world, opening up opportunities, everything I do now, my first thought is ‘how will this affect my kids.'”

CBS: You are in such great shape and you have two jobs and two kids. What is your best advice to moms who say they don’t have time to work out?

AS: “Well, not something I can fit in to one answer! I’ve written a whole book about this. The Mommy Diet will be out in January. But essentially there are ways to find time to work out. If you have time to watch Grey’s Anatomy, you have time to get fit.”

CBS: Any plans to try for baby No. 3?

AS: “Ha! Even my mother doesn’t ask me this question!”

CBS: Are you hooked on Losing it with Jillian? Is she really that insightful all the time?

AS: “Yes. Jill is always spot on. I love how at weigh-ins on The Biggest Loser I can hear a contestant start to cop-out or, undermine themselves, but I can’t quite pinpoint it, and I can look over at Jillian and she is totally on it, ready to get to the bottom of the issue. And she always can crystalize the thought perfectly.”

CBS: We recently saw a picture of you and Megan leaving Katsuya restaurant. She is so cute and looks just like you! What is she into these days?

AS: “Yes, I love how alike Megan and I are since Ben looks so much like Dave. She’s into her dollies. She just started a baby dance class. So cute. She loves Alejandro by Lady Gaga. Sings along ‘Alej… Alej… Alejandro”. She can hear it again and again.”

CBS: You recently Tweeted that Ben recognized a Michael Jackson song. Is he a big fan of Michael? Does he love music? What is he into these days?

AS: “We play a lot of music at the house as you can tell. Ben loves Michael Jackson, he totally does this hilarious ‘break dancing’ thing he learned from G Force. Cracks me up. We have a pool in our new home, and Ben is a fish. Both kids love the water, but Ben would never get out of the water. He does flips, dives, snorkeling, can’t get enough. We go through a lot of sunscreen!”

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Photo credit: In this photograph taken by Michael Bezjian/WireImage for Crest Pro-Health Sensitive Shield, Author, Actress and host of NBC's "The Biggest Loser" Alison Sweeney kicks off Crest Pro-Health's Sensitive Shield's "Summer of Sensitivity" at Hollywood and Highland, July 27, 2010 in Los Angeles. Crest Pro-Health Sensitive Shield will make a donation to Feeding America to support the fight against hunger for every tube of toothpaste sold between July 1, 2010 and Sept. 1, 2010. (Michael Bezjian/WireImage for Crest Pro-Health Sensitive Shield)

  • Kimmy

    I absolutely love Alison Sweeney. She is a workaholic and she so sweet and she always tell us on twitter about Ben and Megan who are the most adorable kids. Ali work so hard on The Biggest Loser and Days of Our Lives. She is the best and as a fan I’m proud to say I am a Alison and Sami Brady fan and a fan of her current triangle on DOOL, SAFE / EJAMI.

    Keep up all the hard work Alison, we love you and you ROCK on BOTH shows.

  • Anonymous

    Why doesn’t she let the kids listen to some good music?

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