Fitmom DVDs-Fitness Programs for Pregnancy, Labor and Postnatal

Wish these had been around when I was having my kids. Fitness programs to keep you in tip top shape while pregnant, help you get through labor and get you back into pre-bump shape after delivery. The Fitmom series of three DVDs from Andrea Page covers it all-strength and endurance while pregnant, yoga poses to ease the labor and delivery process and toning and sculpting to get back to pre pregnancy shape.

While expecting, the Fitmom Prenatal Fitness DVD is a workout for the most beginner to the most athletic. But it’s not a one size fits all prenatal program. This Ob/Gyn endorsed fitness program provides full modifications. Bonus material includes exercise directory and tutorial, ball work and postpartum recovery. Overall strength, endurance and core strength round out the key objectives of this program.

I definitely could have used some help in the delivery room. The Fitmom Yoga DVD is a targeted yoga routine that will assist you in labor. This 30 minute yoga routine is geared towards all fitness levels and includes bonus material including: overview of postures, and bed rest exercises (another one I could have used). This program will help you ease back pain, recover more quickly after birth, avoid excess weight gain and understand each posture’s benefit and purpose while in labor.

Finally, the Fitmom Postnatal workout is divided into sections including a warm up, main exercise routine, warm down and even a baby activity where each exercise incorporates your baby in some way. Combining weights and different moves in a lively circuit, you’ll get the benefit of toning and sculpting your body back to your pre pregnancy shape or even better!!

Creator Andrea Page is a certified personal trainer, sport strength specialist, childbirth trained educator and co-author of Newfitmom 101, Fit to Birth and the Dads Guide to Labor and Delivery. She’s also recognized as one of Canada’s Top Ten Mompreneurs.

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