Jerry O’Connell Dishes On His Daughters

It seems as though there are a lot of break-ups in Hollywood these days, but don’t expect Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn to join the list.

“My wife and I were talking about splitting about up, except neither of us want to take the children!” jokes the former Crossing Jordan actor.

With the couple’s twins Dolly and Charlie set to turn 2 at the end of the year, Jerry tells US that the task of juggling work and parenting isn’t getting any easier.

“Everyone says to us, it gets better, it gets better. That has not been my experience. It seems to be getting worse and worse.”

The hands-on dad also reveals that his girls are entirely different from one another.

“My wife doesn’t like me saying this, but one is larger than the other one. There’s a size difference there…. They take after my wife and I in the sense that one is blonde and one is brunette. It’s really incredible that they’re like two totally different girls.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. saryia

    Jerry has a new tv show in the fall The Defenders where he plays a lawyer..
    Ensemble cast….Look for it in the fall.. It is sad that he is known for one
    role he did 6 years ago..

  2. Anonymous

    Adorable girls.

    I certainly hope that the fur vest is fake fur!! They seem like they are aware of the atrocities in the fur industry. All should be.

  3. AnnieMouse

    Yeah, I’m sure the fur is real…and I’ll even bet they took her to the slaughter house to pick out her own bunny to make her vest out of too…I think she named it Cuddles right before they clubbed it to death for her to wear it around!
    Oh please!

  4. Kitty


    Are you as stupid as your screen name and lack of knowledge about the fur industry indicate?

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