Heidi Klum: Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Will “Make A Handsome Baby”

Heidi Klum, 37, has no doubts about fellow Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr’s ability to handle life as both a mother and a model.

“I think she’ll be great!” Klum tells US Magazine about Miranda’s upcoming foray into motherhood. “She’s very calm, a smart little cucumber that one, and she’ll do just fine.”

Miranda, 27, is currently expecting her first child with actor Orlando Bloom, 33. The couple married in secret just a month after announcing their engagement in June.

“She’s a beautiful young lady who just got married, and they seem like a handsome couple,” continues Heidi, mom to Leni, 6, Henry, 4, Johan, 3, and Lou, 9-months, with husband Seal. “They’ll make a handsome baby, that’s for sure!”

The model mama also had one piece of parenting advice for Miranda: “”The children show you most of the time themselves what you have to do to. You’ll learn by watching them, keeping your eyes and ears open.”

Miranda and Orlando confirmed their pregnancy earlier this week.

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  • Ella

    Great advice. Heidi seems like a great hands on mom!

  • Courtney

    why should it matter to Heidi what Miranda and Orlando’s child looks like if Miranda is even pregnant. and no they haven’t officially confirmed it yet and won’t any time soon. that’s their choice so we should stop the speculation. please she has Nannies and family to help like most celebs do. though in the past there have been celebs that admit feeling guilty about using nannies.

  • Ella

    ????? Courtney. They asked her about that was her comment. That is lovely advice that she she is simply stating. Having help or not has nothing to do what she has learned as a parent.

  • Tiff2

    Did I miss something? When did Orlando and Miranda confirm it for themselves? I know that several of their so called friends did but I didn’t think that they did personally.

  • Moore1

    I don’t remember them confirming this at all. Did I miss this?

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