Jennifer Garner Is A Soccer Mom

Further proof that celebs Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are down-to-earth parents – they spend their weekends hauling their kids around to soccer games just like everyone else! Although, I’m betting their minivan is a little nicer than most.

The Garner-Afflecks were spotted at a park on Saturday (July 31) in Los Angeles. They were there to take Violet, 4, to soccer camp while Seraphina, 18 months, came along to support her big sis. I wonder if Ben and Jen ever work the snack stand?

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Photo credit: Fame & Flynet


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  1. AnnieMouse

    They seem like such a happy family! I think it’s awesome! Good for them!

  2. Anonymous

    You bring your kid to soccer in sandals? How about some sneakers and socks for safe playing and running like the other kids. I would never send my daughter to soccer practice in sandals. Not smart.

  3. Anonymous

    No, I see pics of her kicking the ball around with sandals on (on the field). No sneakers, shin pads, socks here. Nice try, though.

    That kid looks whiney

  4. Kitty

    lol- I saw pics on another website of this same outing and there were no sneakers, socks or shinpads. The kid was kicking the ball in sandals.

  5. Anonymous

    Ben has that wino look down pat!

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