Kourtney Kardashian To Scott Disick: Stop Drinking Or I’ll Take Mason Away

Kourtney Kardashian has always had a contentious relationship with her son Mason’s father, Scott Disick. And though they seem to have smoothed things over recently things weren’t so rosy a few months ago when Kourtney threatened to keep Scott from seeing his son.

At issue? Scott’s excessive drinking around 7-month-old Mason. In tomorrow’s episode of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, Kourtney appears to give Scott an ultimatum.

You’re not going to be around Mason while you’re working on yourself. There’s not even a 1 percent chance … I can’t do this anymore. I love Mason more than I love you. And that’s what it is.

Scott, while at first responding with an angry tirade, eventually pleads with Kourtney to give him another chance. “I’m telling you I’m gonna fix my life,” he tells her. “I’m not going to lose you and my son.”

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  • Anonymous

    she is an idiot! He is a user and abuser! Normal people don’t shove money in waiters mouth! He disgusts me.

  • kk

    Scott is a complete a$$hole- he lies, he parties too much, and she acts like an abused woman by not standing up to him and believing his bull$hit. He drives me crazy.

  • CJ

    She makes herself look like a fool by putting up with him. He’s the Spencer Pratt of the Kardashian world. Hey Kourt, first time shame on him. Second to 1000 times, SHAME ON YOU! He’s such a wannabe troll.
    Young girls are taking their cues from famous women who put up with this crap.

  • Anonymous

    I find it impossible to believe anything these media & attention whores say. It’s all for show (and THE show) and fame. YUCK.

  • Anonymous

    Scott is not an arsehole, they put it on for the show – no-one would be watching if he was a nice guy.
    I have no doubt he loves his little family.

  • Amazed

    wow, as beautiful as Kourt is, she is so insecure and afraid. I had a son by someone at 23 years old and he was an alcoholic jerk who loved to go out to the bars… (like scott only way more style and better lookin) I left him b/c of this same behavior & I am proud that I took my son out of the unhealthy element and raised him alone ( his dad stayed active with his visits but that’s about it) I worked and didn’t have the Money or fame as she does and I was hurt alone etc…. but Today I am 40 and my son is in a college high school program & we are very close. He is my angel. KOURT!! wake up, boys need to see an example of what a woman should be treated like! If you keep letting Scott play these stupid games and taking him back, sadly your son will learn to disrespect women…believe me. RUN! while you have the chance to save yourself heartbreak down the road. HE is NOT THE ONLY UGLY guy out there. Don’t you deserve better???????? cmon Kourt. you have support and money… two things I didn’t have… and I made it. You can too! easier. PLEASE WAKE UP! You have to be smarter & stronger than this!

  • Anonymous

    What are you guys talking about? Their lives are completely scripted. There is nothing wrong with this guy and the family gets along with him. Don’t you know that all three sisters are spokeswomen for his companies. There is a diet supplement , I think its called Trimspa, well Scott owns that company and the girls are in the ads. The drama on their show is completely fabricated for ratings.

  • Carbizzgirl

    I can not stand that ugly troll, scott disick, he is sick, not question about it. I don’t know who he really thinks he is. His concern is with himself only. He is more than just a typical “user and abuser”. He feel that he is entitled all the time. What an f en freak!
    Kourtney needs to get far away from that pansy troll. He thinks he dresses well. Good Lord, the clown has a trick. Fool, stupid, stupid fool that we all see right through. He isn’t kidding me.

  • ARB

    Scott clearly is alcoholic, whether scripted or unscripted. I wonder whether he does any narcotics as well. Unless and until he chooses a sober life, nothing for him will change. G-d willing his son will not have to be harmed before Kourtney sees the light. If I were her family, I would have encouraged her to go to an Al-Anon meeting (AA for families of alcoholics) and get herself clear on what she is dealing with.

    IF the Jenner/Kardashian family is sincere in wanting to help Scott, why not stage an intervention and send him to a rehab? Kourtney could (if she chooses) get a court order defining visitation and limiting Scott’s access to their son if he is not sober.

    It takes a lot of courage for someone to admit they have a serious problem. Someone in love with that person has a problem as well, and it takes almost as much courage to figure out what to do and to then stand by those decisions.

    I do not envy either of them. I only wish they would get help for the baby’s sake.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. He is an alcoholic. He should go to an AA meeting. There is a solution. Many people in the rooms will tell you they did a lot of the same stuff and now they live full productive lives.

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