Nicole Kidman Loves Her Vegetables And Alpacas

Nicole Kidman is loving home life with her 2-year-old daughter Sunday Rose and husband Keith Urban in Franklin, Tennessee. One of the things she enjoys is growing her own food.

She said: “We just planted our vegetables for the summer and all we have at the moment is lettuce. I’m hoping the corn will be beautiful, because I love eating corn out of the garden.

“And we just bought some alpacas. They are sort of the cousins of llamas, which I’ve always wanted because of their long necks and eyelashes.”

The actress also says she wants Sunday to respect older people.

I find it sad in this day and age that we don’t value our elders the same way we used to. In most cultures they were the ones who had the wisdom and the power, and that’s gotten lost. I’m trying to teach my daughter to have that respect for older people. I’d love to see that come back.”

Nicole and Keith have plenty of room for their vegetables and animals since they own 36 acres of land!

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She actually looks healthy. This is the best that Ive seen her look in a long time.


Alpacas are the coolest! I have over 300 of them on our farm A to Z Alpacas in Canada 🙂