Kelly Rutherford And Daughter Have A Super Saturday

Kelly Rutherford enjoyed a day out with her 1-year-old daughter Helena Grace at the Super Saturday Ovarian Cancer Benefit on Saturday (July 31). The event took place in Watermill, New York.

Kelly’s fellow Gossip Girl co-star Michelle Trachtenberg was also there to pose for pictures. Helena’s 3-year-old brother Hermés did not attend.

Rutherford is now officially a single woman. Her divorce from Daniel Giersch became finalized this summer.

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Photo credit: Diane Cohen/Fame Pictures

  • Anonymous

    Her daughter is cute.

  • AnnieMouse

    Anyone else getting “access denied” screens when trying to view more photos?

    • Anonymous

      me too. what’s up with the “Access denied
      You are not authorized to access this page.” ?

  • Anonymous

    Helena will probably grown up to be sprem mom

  • Anonymous

    Helena the probably grow up to be sprem mom

  • Anonymous

    I swear, I roll my eyes every time I read her son’s name. Seriously, I’d rather be named Pilot Inspektor than friggin’ HERMES. Ugh….

    • An30

      Just wondering….did she ever confirm that she named her son after the “Hermes” accessories brand? When I hear the name, I think of the Greek god of the same name, not the accessories brand. She also gave her daughter a Greek goddess name (Helen/Helena), so I dont know if that’s what she was going for, although, I have heard of many parents naming their kids after luxury brands (Gucci, Armani, Dior, Mercedes, Vuitton).

      • Anonymous

        Yes, she confirmed that he was named after the brand. She always wears Hermes bags and has said that it’s her favorite brand.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know where you can buy those shoes??

    I love them but can’t find them anywhere for my little girl

  • Anonymous

    She’s eyes grow up like her mom

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