Alessandra Ambrosio & Family’s Beach Day

Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio enjoyed another day of her Hawaiian vacation yesterday (Aug 1) on the beach in Maui with daughter Anja Louise, and fiancé Jamie Mazur.

The Brazilian beauty, 29, and Mazur enjoyed taking turns on boogie boards while Anja, who will turn 2 next month, looked on.

Ambrosio and Mazur, a businessman from California, have been together since 2005.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Anonymous

    Anja is soooooo beautiful…. well both she and her mother are!

  2. Anonymous

    I love all the pictures of Alessandra at the beach with her daughter! She seems completely immersed in her daughter and seems to be having such a good time!

  3. nicoleC

    anja is so cute !! like her !!!
    her family is so warm !!

  4. AnnieMouse

    Want. Her. Body. I’m SO jealous!!!

  5. Anonymous

    All these shallow celebrity mommies… They always wear sunglasses when the sun is blasting and poor babies squint as the UV damages their retinas.
    Every single celebrity picture – models, actors, etc. is like this.
    Get some sunglasses for your tots, ignorant dummies!

  6. Anonymous

    How about sunglasses for the tot as well? These celebrities are so ignorant.
    Or is it OK if the poor babies’ eyes get damaged from the very start?

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